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Japan Needs Our Prayers

Updated on March 16, 2011

Prayers For Japan

Like most churches today, mine prayed for our Japanese brothers and sisters who suffered the wrath of an earthquake… coupled with a tsunami; in addition, we especially prayed that the Nuclear power plants reactors do not fully melt down because of the potential casualties that this would cause, which would multiply sorrows upon sorrows. So far, hundred of countries have volunteered their services and expertise because they too know that tomorrow it could be them facing similar tragedies. Anyone who has studied the Japanese people knows that they are resilient and a proud people who will persevere and rebuild their country. It must be noted that with all that tragedy, which occurred in Japan, when one looks at the devastation, were it anywhere else, there would have been looting and massive civil unrest – but not in Japan; it is a testament of the temperament of the Japanese people coupled with their famous, seemingly, inherent, penchant for dignity.

We moan with you Japan and like your name - Land of The Rising Sun - you will live up to your namesake. We know that you would do the same for America were the situation reverse because of the unique friendship you share with us. It is a given that the images and the news in the days to come will not be good and that your fortitude will be tested – but you have summoned this inner strength before during WW11. Look what you have created out of the ashes of that war, which was far more devastating to lives and infrastructure than what happened a couple days ago. I have confidence in what was promised to assist you in your time of dire need by our President will be forthcoming and I hope that the rest of the world will also keep its promises.

It seems appropriate to convey a similar happening, although to a much, much lesser extent, in the Good Book: in the Gospels, there was a home that collapsed… killing over a dozen people. Jesus, walking with his Disciples and privy to the tragedy, asked them rhetorically if those who lost their lives in the building collapse were less righteous than those who were alive and quickened with the breath of life… I conveyed this Biblical lesson to underscore why we prayed and will continue to pray… wishing the best for our Japanese brothers and sisters because we know we are subject to the same forces of nature in these United States that triggered these calamities in Japan.


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