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Japan's 1200 year Quake Today

Updated on March 12, 2011

The worst earthquake to hit Japan in 1200 years. 10,000 people are missing. The city of Sendai, Japan, with over one million inhabitants is wasted from the 8.9 earthquake and the 25 ft wall tsunami of water. Japan has declared five nuclear emergencies at its local sites for quake damage and cooling problems of the nuclear rods. At one site near Sendai, a partial meltdown had happened releasing radiation into the local air. Some people have tested positive for radiation exposure. All people within a 12 mile radius of the plant are evacuated. Japan, as a country, was shifted eight feet from the explosive quake!

In a nutshell, so far, that is this disaster. But, don't forget, that just in Feb. 2011, there was that other massive quake in New Zealand, and then the massive Haiti quake. How would San Francisco handle a 8.0 quake?

The most recent serious quake was in 1989. That rocked cities even 70 miles away, cancelled a World Series game, tore up roads, highways and bridges. The Golden Gate bridge swayed. However, as serious as it was, it was simply NOTHING when compared to the recent Haiti, New Zealand or Japan's. While many buildings have been retrofitted since, if a 8.0 or worse quake the SF area, the disaster hitting Japan could be equaled in destruction since SF is in such a tight, compact area of a few miles with over 800,000 people. If the GG bridge was damaged, horrific travel problems would ensue for months. If other bridges that cross the bay or channels followed, the area would be crippled to a long time due to the local geography.

Before the GG bridge was finished in 1937, the millions living north of SF, would travel over three hours and take a ferry across. A quake of 8.0 hitting SF would, in effect, cause the situation all over again for many. 


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