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From QMMC Jason Ivler will occupy a Q.C prison cell which is now ready

Updated on November 23, 2012

nice bunk!

road rage suspect Jason Ivler's bunk at the Quezon City jail
road rage suspect Jason Ivler's bunk at the Quezon City jail | Source
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Jason Ivler, suspectRenato Victor Ebarle, Jr., victim
Jason Ivler, suspect
Jason Ivler, suspect
Renato Victor Ebarle, Jr., victim
Renato Victor Ebarle, Jr., victim


SILANGAN Manalac Fune alleged Jason Idler's girl friend has been questioned by the NBI which found out that some parts of the gun used by suspect Idler was registered in her name. Accompanjied by Idler's mother, Marlene Aguilar and her lawyer, Princess Abante, Fune reported to the NBI's Special Action Unit, Feb. 7 after receiving a subpoena. She was questioned, fingerprinted and photographed. She denied- through her lawyer- that the Baby Armalite which was one of the 2 firearms recovered in Idler's possession during his arrest last Jan. 18- was registered in her name though she admitted owning some of its parts.

Fune claimed she had nothing to do with Idler's case. She arrived from Washington for a vacation only last Jan 31 and found out Idler was already in the hospital.

Idler was arrested by the NBI based on the testimonies of witnesses that the suspect was the one who shot to death Renato Victor Ebarle Jr. during a traffic incident in Q.C. last Nov. 18.

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NBI - No evidence to link Aguilar's British bodyguard MARK HAUSER to link him to the fatal shooting of RENATO VICTOR EBARLE, Jr. during a road rage incident in Quezon City last Nov. 18.

NBI - The Kimber 45 Caliber pistol with SN MJ 59102 used by JASON IDLER when he engaged in a shootout with arresting officer, Monday, Jan. 18 in his house at 23 vHillside Drive, Blue Ridge A Subd, Quezon City was the same gun used in the fatal shooting of Renato Victor Ebarle, Jr.

NBI firearms Investigation Division (FID) report revealed that one bullet found from the body of Ebarle Jr. and a bullet coming from the Toyota Land Cruiser of victim Ebarle Jr. and the bullet found at the residence of Ivler matched those of the test bullets from Kimber 45 caliber pistol used by Ivler in shooting the arresting officers.

Lawyer ANGELITO MAGNO, Chief, NBI Special Action Unit said Idler will be imposed additional charges of complex crime of direct assault in violation of Art. 148 of the Revised Penal Code and with violation of Art. 248 for frustrated murder and attempted murder before the Q. C. Prosecutor's Office.ROSS BAUTISTA, executive officer of the NBI Office of Intelligence Services said the frustrated murder charge is in connection with the wounding of Special Investigator Anna Lira Labao and the attempted murder for the wound inflicted on Magno during Idler's arrest.. Meanwhile, Aguilar posted a P12,000 bail at the Manila Metropolitan Trial Court in connection with the obstruction of justice filed against her for misleading authorities as to the whereabouts of Idler.

RENATO EBARLE Sr., Usec of the Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff, said the arrest of Jason Ivler was an "answered prayer" . He thanked authorities for bringing to justice his son's alleged killer. He recommends that Ivler be meted maximum penalty of the law. He likewise said that Ivler's stepfather British diplomat Stephen POLLARD and other relatives who knew Ivler's whereabouts should also be held liable.

Chief Superintendent LEONARDO ESPINA, PNP spokesman, said the AR -15 rifle and the 45 pistol Jason Ivler used in the gunfight with NBI agents are not licensed with the Firearms and Explosive Division (FED). They are loose firearms.

Jason Ivler has a previous homicide record for killing Undersecretary Nestor C. Ponce Jr. in a fatal car accident back in 2004.


WITH the intended transfer of slaying-suspect Jason Idler- the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) initiated last Jan.28 the inspection of the prison cell in QC where he will be incarcerated. According to DILG Usec Marius Corpuz- the inspection was made to know the real situation of the cell where Idler will be kept, particularly his safety and security from possible harm.

It was learned from Supt. Nestor Velasquez- city warden- that the cell where Idler will be kept the moment he is brought or transferred is ready. Idler together with other foreign inmates will be housed together under one roof.. In particular- this prison house has a so-called international section for it has been said that Idler is a foreign national.

Meanwhile, Idler will be accorded security risk evaluation to fully cover his safety and security. Usec Corpuz said every prisoners undergo the same process to determine which of them can be classified as high profile or high risk.. In the case of Idler, prison authorities will have to determine which level will Idler belong to based on the findings of the psychiatrist. If Idler is classified as high risk prisoner- it's probable that he'll be transferred to other prison cells where his security is assured

The warden made it clear that they are ready for any eventuality once Idler is transferred because they've long-prepared a plan before his transfer to their prison house was approved. They've a contingency plan where Idler's escape was made impossible, outside force can't retrieve his person, he can't harm anybody or anybody can do any harm to him, said Velasquez.

The intended jail for Jason Idler likewise houses 20 foreign prisoners. The prison building is located very near an outpost and the office of the health department. Velasquez further stated that his men can easily monitor Idler's moves, while Doctors will have easy access to look after his wounds which he sustained while he was under arrest.


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