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Jeremy Corbyn Takes A Different Line To Cameron.

Updated on November 27, 2015

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn.


Corbyn Once More At Odds With All Those Around Him.

The moment air strikes against Islamic State in Syria were mentioned politicians of all hues and the media should have known that Jeremy Corbyn who did not back the Iraq war and was a vocal critic of Tony Blair over the invasion of Iraq that Corbyn would never say yes to extending British air strikes on IS into Syria.

David Cameron mentioned and appealed to MPs of all parties yesterday in Parliament in enticing them to support the RAF launching attacks on IS in Syria as it is doing along side others in Iraq. David Cameron said he was convinced attacking IS from the air in Syria was the right thing to do and although British involvement would be minimal compared to other nations efforts in taking out IS targets in Syria never the less Cameron said it was not right that others should act on Britain's behalf in bombing IS in Syria.

When it came to Jeremy Corbyn's reply at the opposition dispatch box Corbyn realized that IS were a threat to British security and way of life but said Cameron's plan lacked direction and so he was not convinced by Cameron's arguments for British air strikes on IS in Syria.

Corbyn has written a letter to MPs in his Shadow Cabinet and backbenchers stating the reasons why he is opposed to David Cameron's plans for air strikes but many in his Shadow Cabinet were convinced by David Cameron's remarks about IS in Syria and so Corbyn could be on a collision course with his own Shadow Cabinet. There could possibly be resignations from the Shadow Cabinet and one MP Hilary Benn Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary has come out against his leader in backing Cameron's plans for air strikes on IS.

Many on the right of Labour when Corbyn was elected Labour leader this year only accepted posts to Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet for party unity despite being vehement enemies of everything Jeremy Corbyn stands for.

When the vote is put before Parliament which should be soon as David Cameron may want to put this to bed once and for all which ever way the vote goes for or against air strikes on IS in Syria it is unlikely Jeremy Corbyn will change his mind and it is not known whether Mr Corbyn will allow his MPs a free vote on the issue. His left wing partner in crime Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell would no doubt support his colleagues stance on air strikes on IS in Syria, however, it is assumed that McDonnell would want Corbyn to allow a free vote for his MPs when the vote comes before Parliament whether or not to bomb IS in Syria.


Cartoon Of Islamic State's Self Proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi


Corbyn Will Try To Go Over Heads Of Shadow Cabinet MPs.

It is obvious one would assume that Jeremy Corbyn would know many on the right in his Shadow Cabinet could not possibly support his stance on not bombing Islamic State in Syria and so it has been speculated that Corbyn may try to appeal to those back benchers in the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) who like him are very left of centre to bolster his argument that air strikes on IS in Syria will make the UK less safer.

It would appear that the Labour party as a whole is very divided on this issue as of tonight and if Corbyn does not allow a free vote on the subject when it comes to Parliament and when Cameron's idea of bombing IS in Syria is put before MPs of all political colours Corbyn could be causing a hornets nest to blow up around himself over this issue if he tries to force those MPs against him in Labour to follow his train of thought on the subject of bombing Islamic State in Syria.

It seems Corbyn the stubborn left wing back bencher of old who rebelled against his party during his 30 year tenure in the House of Commons many times has not changed even now when he is party leader and those who thought that they could reach an accomodation with him for the sake of party unity it seems tonight are sadly mistaken.

Calls For Jeremy Corbyn To Resign.

Tornado Plane Which Could Be Swooping Into Action Over Syria If David Cameron Gets His Way.
Tornado Plane Which Could Be Swooping Into Action Over Syria If David Cameron Gets His Way. | Source

As mentioned earlier Hilary Benn has openly come out against his leader Jeremy Corbyn openly saying he supports David Cameron and his plan which will be put before Parliament before long no doubt to see if British RAF Tornados like the one in the illustration above and other RAF fighters will be allowed to take acton against Islamic State in Syria.

It seems according to BBC news tonight Corbyn is facing open rebellion with many ex - Labour ministers saying Corbyn should resign forthwith and that he is a leader who is weak and direction less and the only people who are making hay out of Labour's troubles are the Conservative party led by David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne who could be the next Premier in waiting come 2019 as David Cameron has said he does not wish to stand again as Primie minister for a third term.

Shadow Chancellor and long standing friend of Jeremy Corbyn John McDonnell has taken to 'Twitter' to tell his fellow Labour MPs whether right or left to calm down and Labour can work this out.

Whether Labour can work this out will unfold in the coming days.


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