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Jeremy Corbyn Would Recognise Palestine and Attacked Saudi Arabia and Israel In His Speech.

Updated on September 28, 2018
Jeremy Corbyn:  His speech at the Labour party conference.
Jeremy Corbyn: His speech at the Labour party conference. | Source

Two Nations In Corbyn's Cross Hairs.

Israel condemned by Corbyn.
Israel condemned by Corbyn. | Source
Saudi Arabia condemned by Corbyn.
Saudi Arabia condemned by Corbyn. | Source

Jeremy Corbyn has been the target of Zionists this year. Zionists launched one of the most hateful and witch-hunt like campaigns against him any politician (apart from Boris Johnson perhaps over alleged Islamophobia) has had to endure. Yet he came through dignified and did not lose his cool and delivered a memorable speech at this years Labour party conference in Liverpool.

Of course, anti-Semitism does exist in the Labour party as it does anywhere else and should be stamped out. That said to be anti-Zionist does not make one necessarily an anti-Semite.

Labour adopted the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism after much fuss. However, while the Holocaust Remembrance's definition of anti-Semitism may be just some believe it gives Israel a shield to go on persecuting the Palestinians.

Jeremy Corbyn in his speech to the Labour conference condemned Israel for killing Palestinian protesters in Gaza. He also said when and if a Labour government is elected he would make sure Palestine would be recognised by the UK as a nation. A peace activist and Israeli citizen who sadly passed away this year Uri Avnery was quoted by Corbyn. "What alternative is there to peace? A catastrophe for both peoples" quoted Corbyn from the Israeli peace activist.

Saudi Arabia also came under Corbyn's spotlight for its actions in the Middle East. Namely in Yemen in its war with Houthi rebels backed by Iran. Saudi Arabia is responsible for the bombing and killing of innocent civilians in Yemen Corbyn said.

The UK also came under fire from Corbyn for providing training to Saudi forces and selling weapons to the regime.

Corbyn moved the spotlight to many problems at home and abroad. He promised under his watch UK policy at home and abroad would be different to the current May regime.

Corbyn appeared to hold out an olive branch to Theresa May saying he would back her plan (Chequers Agreement) on Brexit if it met Labour six tests. However, he was also quick to say if it did not he, his party, other parties and rebel Tories would vote it down.

It would appear Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party is indeed a government in waiting. All it needs now is the starting gun for a general election. When and if that will happen before 2022 remains to be seen.

Corbyn and Netanyahu: A Match Not Made In Heaven.

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu.
Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu. | Source
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. | Source

One thing is for sure should a Corbyn government come to power the UK's relationship with Israel will be different. Particularly if Benjamin Netanyahu is still Prime Minister and it will be their different views on the Palestine issue which will create tension. Some have accused MOSSAD (the Israeli intelligence service) of orchestrating or perhaps co-operating with MI6 in trying to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. With the tirade of anti-Semitism that has been levelled at the Labour leader, it would not be surprising.

Corbyn and Netanyahu have had a recent Twitter spat over this and other issues relating to the Palestine-Israeli issue. Israel probably fears the coming to power of a more pro-Palestinian government and will do anything probably to stop the Corbyn bandwagon in its tracks.

Right now under May our relationship with Israel could be described as cordial. Under Corbyn, it will be vastly different and perhaps even hostile. Politically Netanyahu and Corbyn could not be more different. Netanyahu is a right-wing nationalist (some even say, Fascist) a populist in the vein of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Corbyn is a veteran politician of the left campaigning on issues dear to his heart. He could be called a left-wing populist and in popularism, Netanyahu and Corbyn have this in common apart from the right-left split.

Of course, with a Corbyn government not exactly being best buddies with Israel (presumably), this will affect our relationship with the Trump administration. Trump is a very close and cosy friend to the Jewish state as opposed to any future Corbyn administration.

Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu did not get on because of political differences it is said. But that will seem like a mere storm in a teacup if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister and has to deal with Netanyahu on the world stage.


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