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Jeremy Corbyn to appear in front of live audience

Updated on June 8, 2016
Jeremy Corbyn to appear live on Sky News.
Jeremy Corbyn to appear live on Sky News. | Source
David Cameron already appeared on Sky News.
David Cameron already appeared on Sky News. | Source
Michael Gove also appeared on Sky News.
Michael Gove also appeared on Sky News. | Source
Sky News studio.
Sky News studio. | Source

Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour party has been accused of not exactly being enthusiastic about the in - out referendum as to whether the UK should stay in the European Union or not. The reason why people accuse him of being luke warm to this campaign is all his political life right up until he was elected Labour leader Mr Corbyn has been an opponent of the EU.

On the back bench for 30 years Mr Corbyn always voted with the Euro sceptics in Parliament and as has been announced above Corbyn was opposed to the EU. Now in recent weeks the Labour leader is pro for staying in the European Union and one wonders what his proviso is for now being a cheerleader for staying. Some say it is because since becoming leader he is keeping the Blairites in his party quiet so they do not cause too many waves for him in his leadership of the party. An anti - Semitic investigation is already going on in the party so Corbyn probably does not wish to have further jibes thrown at him or accusations of being hypocritical over his apparent about turn on the EU.

Now Corbyn in the wake of David Cameron for the in campaign and Michael Gove for the out campaign is going to appear as they have in front of a live audience hosted by Sky News's Faisal Islam to take questions on the subject appearing for the in campaign. Presumably the questions will be screened and selected with Corbyn's approval as these things are never just random questions on these programmes.

Corbyn will be appearing in the last week of the referendum and the vote for the UK to stay in/out of the EU will be on 23 June. Corbyn has refused to appear with Cameron even though both party leaders wish the UK to stay in the EU. Cameron has however appeared with London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan and other party leaders who are for the UK staying in the EU.

It is possible both Cameron and Corbyn are EU supporters through gritted teeth as both of them as has been revealed were once against everything the EU stood for and Cameron even said he would lead the UK out of the EU if it did not give what the UK wanted. It seems now both Cameron and Corbyn want to stay in the EU but want a much more reformed and democratic EU which many right now accuse it of not being.

Corbyn was and is always appearing on stage with various people supporting things he believes in and many have said this has not been the case with the EU staying in which he probably is not very enthusiastic about but has changed his stance not only because of the Blairites but because when you become leader you have to compromise on things to show you are representative of everyone in the party so called left or right. Corbyn even acknowledged the other day that immigration is an issue not only for those wanting the UK to leave the EU but for all of British people in general. However I'm not expecting him to compromise too much on immigration and it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be on the review of Labour's defence policy and how it will influence Corbyn's anti - nukes stance a view he has held for many years.

How Corbyn will come over on his night in front of a live audience when he is receiving questions from the audience about his pro - the EU stance on Sky News one cannot say just like when Gove and Cameron appeared on Sky News and how it will influence or not the actual vote on 23 June.


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