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Jeremy Corbyn's New Look Shadow Cabinet.

Updated on January 5, 2016
Labour Party Emblem.
Labour Party Emblem. | Source
View Of The Houses Of Parliament From The Thames.
View Of The Houses Of Parliament From The Thames. | Source

Era Of Differing Views Over?

Is divergent politics over, this era in the new politics as Jeremy Corbyn coined the phrase? Is it over as Mr Corbyn's most outspoken critic in the Shadow Cabinet is exiled to the back benches. Michael Dugher who voted against Jeremy Cobyn's stance not to allow British planes to attack IS targets in Syria has been dropped in Jeremy Corbyn's post Christmas re - shuffle of the Shadow Cabinet.

Mr Dugher announced on Twitter that Jeremy Corbyn had sacked him and he wished Jeremy Corbyn a Happy New Year and that was that. Mr Dugher claims Corbyn dismissed him because Michael Dugher wrote an article for 'The New Statemen' in which he called on Corbyn not to do a revenge re - shuffle and sack those ministers who had not backed him in his anti - air strikes on IS stance.

It seems in Mr Dugher's case Corbyn has done just that and another MP who could be awaiting her fate is Angela Eagle who is against scrapping Trident as Mr Corbyn wants to do and voted against him also in the air strikes on IS vote which Mr Corbyn subsequently lost.

Hilary Benn son of rabid left winger Tony Benn who made an impassioned speech to get Labour and other wavering voters from all parties present to back David Cameron and his plea to allow the RAF to bomb IS in Syria seems safe according to Corbyn's close friend and confidant John McDonnell who is Labour's Shadow Chancellor.

Andy Burnham who does have a safe job in Corbyn's re - shuffle or so it seems said Dugher's removal from the front benches will be a loss for the Shadow Cabinet and Tom Watson Labour's Deputy Leader lamented Michael Dugher's sacking.

Where does this leave the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn who promised a new era where differing views in his Shadow Cabinet would be tolerated? Well time will tell how the Labour Party both in Parliament and outside and the public at large will come to see Jeremy Corbyn now sitting at the helm of the Labour Party.


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