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Jesse Williams Speech

Updated on June 27, 2016

What does America think about what Jesse Williams said?

Jesse Williams speaking  after receiving the humanitarian award.
Jesse Williams speaking after receiving the humanitarian award. | Source

What do you think about Jesse William's Speech?

Do you think he spoke well and in a manner to open constructive conversation about race in America.

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Activist Jesse Williams thought provoking speech

Many are familiar with this good looking guy as the black doctor with beautiful eyes on Grey's Anatomy. However he is also apart of the Black Lives Matter Movement and was a teacher before he became an actor, as stated on the BET Awards for 2016. Being this year's recipient of the Humanitarian Award, he started off thanking his parents and wife but then he swiftly directed his attention to how this was for the people fighting for the cause, those in the trenches: teachers, parents, and students and black mothers. His speech escalated as he unapologetically discussed the brutality suffered by Black Americans for centuries and how not much has changed. He eloquently named victims of police brutality as he challenged his listeners to think about how their money will not bring about the change needed to be truly free. Within about 5 minutes he took people from the past to the present and directly defied White Supremacy in a way that many have not heard on a public platform in such a moving, heartfelt way since the Civil Rights Movement.

While all Americans have a right to voice their opinion about any issue that plagues our nation, Williams shoned those who do not truly desire the State of Black Americans Rights to improve across the board. What does the public think about his speech? Facebook and twitter lit up quickly overnight with some enlightened and lifted to hear someone speak what they feel and experience everyday. Others were made to feel very uncomfortable or misunderstood. While others made comments condemning him for not speaking on Black on Black crime.

Some looked at his parents and thought it was interesting that he could understand how to appreciate Black mothers when he has a White mother. Many opinions and many emotions were aroused by Jesse William's speech. While the media's coverage seems to be vague people are indeed talking about this speech and it resonates with Americans. Rather one agrees or disagrees with what he said. His boldness and conviction in a time when people will rather ignore problems and not stand is noteworthy. All Americans should be protected by equal laws and protection. All American children should receive a quality education and no mother should have to hear that her unarmed son was murdered.

As a teacher seeing the urban school system as a pipeline to prison, my heart bleeds for poor and minority children who come from broken homes and who are smart and capable but lack the pillars that are needed to keep them safe from the system. It is a vicious cycle of poverty and of the lack of opportunities.

When people constantly have nothing their pain and aggression festers and crime is inevitable. I see so many kids that just need leaders to help make changes for their communities. They need business that will give them opportunities and that will invest in them. I see young parents in need of mentorship programs and youngsters that are in the juvenile correctional system that need rehabilitation and not continuous jail time. There are so many initiatives that are in place that seem worthless. Welfare and housing does not give the children a future. It only places them in the vicious cycle that keeps them blind to the life they could live outside of poverty. I'm no activist. But I am a teacher that wants to see these children and their families American dream be true. I appreciate that someone will speak frankly like Jesse Williams about racism and I hope others who truly want the best for us all will lead us into a better era, so that we all will truly have equal rights and opportunities.

What would Martin Luther King think about this speech?

I could not help but think of Martin Luther King and others who spoke with authority and conviction during a time when Blacks struggled to survive with segregation and Jim Crow. Now Blacks still struggle with eerie reminders of that time. What would they think of those of us who refuse to care about the injustices suffered by all Americans slighted by the justice system. We are great when all our people are respected and given the opportunity to exist and achieve in peace.

The fact that Jesse Williams parents are Black and White, symbolizes that America is both Black and White and we are inner twined.


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