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Jezza Retains Peterborough

Updated on June 7, 2019

Corbyn and Farage.

After their stunning victory in last months EU elections, the Brexit party were expected by the bookies, to seize the safe Labour seat of Peterborough. The incumbent Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, resigned the seat after a driving offence.

Labour with their new MP, Lisa Forbes, retained the seat, however. In her victory speech, Ms Forbes, described her victory, like a smack in the face for the politics of division. Labour's retention of their Peterborough seat was surprising, given that Peterborough voted mostly for Brexit, in 2016.

Jeremy Corbyn of course, was ecstatic, about his party's victory. Mr Corbyn warned that people wrote off Labour at their peril. This retention of the Peterborough seat by Labour will be a reprieve, given their poor showing recently, in the EU elections, last month.

Of course, the by-election, for the Brexit party wasn't a complete disaster, they came, second. The Conservatives scored 21% of the vote, with the Lib - Dems on 12% and the Greens on 3%.

In the EU elections last month, to elect MEPs for the European Parliament, Labour did badly, with the Conservatives, doing even worse. The voters obviously punished the two main parties because of Brexit. Mrs May's plan which was a compromise between Brexiteers and Remainers, (though mainly for the peace and stability of her MPs) failed to get it through three times and the plan, was disliked, by many MPs (of all parties) and some of the public, alike. Labours message on Brexit seemed to be somewhat, confused, with Mr Corbyn, seemingly, not taking it seriously.

During the EU elections, the Brexit party picked up the majority of the leave votes and the Lib-Dems/Greens, picking up the majority, of the remain votes. Change UK didn't even figure as a remain party, which subsequently, has seen many Change UK MPs leave the party, including leader Heidi Allen. The MPs that have left Change UK, are now independent MPs again. Ex-Conservative, Anna Soubry, has taken up the mantle of party leader, with 6 Change UK MPs remaining, including Soubry.

Mr Farage seemed philosophical about his party's second position in the Peterborough election. Mr Farage said results would be different in future elections.

Is this result, a setback, for Mr Farage? Given the fact that Mr Farage, said he wanted to be a party of more policies than just Brexit, it could be. Mr Farage has denied, that appearing to be a single issue party, will be the downfall, of his party. If the perception of voters is that the Brexit party is exactly that, a Brexit party, with no other policies to speak of, future elections with nothing to do with the EU, may go badly for the party. Mr Farage and his party, if they are to win and gain their first MPs, had better reveal, what their policies are on immigration, welfare, jobs, the NHS, climate change, etc.

Of course, the Brexit party coming second to Labour in Peterborough is a good result. Basing a party's election future on one by-election, is perhaps a little premature, time will tell how well the Brexit party perform, in future elections (including a general one). The Brexit party's fortunes, however, could also be struck a blow, should Boris Johnson, become Prime Minister.

Tory voters who voted Brexit party in the EU elections, given a general election, may come racing back to the Tories, especially if Boris, takes us out of the EU on 31 October, deal or no deal.

Many Tories see Boris, who himself is regarded as a right-wing Brexiteer, as the man to take on Farage and ultimately, given his popularity, with some members of the public, Jeremy Corbyn, again, time will tell.

Lisa Forbes, new Labour MP.

Alleged Anti-Semitism: Lisa Forbes.

With the glory of Lisa Forbes, becoming the new MP, for Peterborough, there appears to be something, ugly. That ugliness has stalked Labour, ever since, Mr Corbyn, became Labour's leader, that of real or alleged, anti-Semitism.

Lisa Forbes, apparently liked or endorsed, a posting on social media, saying Theresa May, was a Zionist.

Apparently, Lisa Forbes also agreed with another posting on social media, which said, the CIA and Mossad, were responsible for the creation of Islamic terrorism.

Of course, as she would be expected to do, as many public figures, it seems are required to do, these days, and that is apologising. Jewish groups, right away, have responded to the election of Ms Forbes, asking the Labour party, to disown, Lisa Forbes. With pictures of Jeremy Corbyn alongside Lisa Forbes, it would appear, there is no likelihood, of that.

A Labour MP, for Yardley, Birmingham, Jess Phillips, does not think Ms Forbes, apology, for alleged anti-Semitism, is genuine. Another Labour MP, Wes Streeting, has stated, the Labour party is not taking the issue of anti-Semitism, seriously.

Of course, anti-semites exist, however, we have to be careful here, when we label, someone as anti-semitic, just because they speak up for the Palestinians. This does not make one, per se, anti-semitic, just against Israeli policies, towards the Palestinians.

Describing someone as anti-semitic could be being used by Zionists, to shut down debate or protest, about the Palestinians.

So while standing up to anti-Semitic bigots is correct, there must also be free speech allowed about how Israel treats the Palestinians.


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