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Jharkhand – the state yet to be developed

Updated on September 2, 2014

Status of Corruption in state

The state which was formed to give respite to the tribal people from being treated as indifferent, has in fact been overlooked by every government. Like any other state in India, corruption took inroads into Jharkhand as well. The leaders have not succeeded in putting things in order. The Madu Koda corruption case came as a big blow to everyone. He was accused of accumulating property of more than Rs 4,000 crore. He also made investments in countries like Indonesia and Singapore. Some of his other colleagues were also accused of forgery. Though the Congress is trying to keep itself away from the Koda controversy, the BJP is taking full advantage of it by claiming that Koda had the support of UPA leaders.

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The state of Jharkhand came into being with a promise to fulfill the expectations of the tribal people. Will the promise be fulfilled? Will the dreams of people of Jharkhand be realised? The people of Jharkhand are disappointed, but the upcoming assembly elections will give them a chance to ponder upon and look upon issues like corruption, violence, price rise, electricity, development and other problems faced by them.

I M Towards the Naxalism

Yuth problems : Naxalism

Thousands of people have been killed in Jharkhand by Maoist violence. There seems to be no end to the sufferings of the people. Though all the parties promise to end the problem, no action is being taken. In past nine years, the state witnessed the death of almost 1,550 people in the violence. The state tops the list of highest incidences of Maoist violence in 2013. Naxalism has a great impact on the state's economy. Apart from taking a toll on life, it leads to destruction of infrastructure which in turn leads to poverty. The youth of Jharkand starts feeling that the only way to fight poverty is by joining the Naxalite movement.

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Price Rise for everyting

Apart from terrorism, the rising prices of the basic commodities is the source of problem for the people. During the elections, the manifestos of all parties promised to reduce prices in this state dominated by the tribals. The UPA government which was in power could not control the rising prices. The BJP is planning to make the issue its agenda in the upcoming assembly elections and also give ration cards to people and loans on low rate of interest to the farmers.

Jharkhand High Court

Main Issues

  • Corruption

  • Naxalism

  • Price Rise

  • Displacement

  • Development of tribals

Stop Displacement and Start Development of tribals

Displacement is one of the major issues in the state. Over the years, nearly one- third of the tribals have been displaced. Their land was taken away for the industrial development. The promise by the parties to provide them a place to settle down and keep their interests in mind was not fulfilled. Though industrial development is a positive sign for the growth of the state but not at the cost of people's homes.

The state of Jharkhand was carved out for the development of the tribals. But the benefits were earned by only some. The majority of them are still living in a miserable state. The main reason that causes hindrance in the development of tribals is the unstable government and the increasing corruption. Congress claims that, "For development, the state needs a stable and corruption-free government. Think seriously whom to vote for. Congress is the only party which does not believe in hollow promises."

The key factor that seems to be lacking in the state is the stability. The state has seen many Chief Ministers of different parties. The responsibility now lies with the people to give their precious vote to the government which can provide stability and bring about a change in the overall development of Jharkhand.


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