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4 political deceptions in Jian Ghomeshi trial that nobody is talking about

Updated on November 10, 2017

Originally printed April 8, 2016,

The Jian Ghomeshi trial was supposed to be the historical sexual assault trial that changed Canada politically and socially. It hasn’t done that though, and that’s because there are a lot of people trying to cover the Jian Ghomeshi mess up, by deceiving the world into thinking that sexual assault victims are deceptive. The truth is, the deception is happening on the political side of the fence of the Jian Ghomeshi trial, in multiple ways. Technically it is not over, as Jian Ghomeshi has another criminal trial in June, and there is still that possibility for change. But right now, it’s looking pretty bleak for sexual assault victims all across the country. As the Huffington Post reported April 7, Canada is working very hard to change the world of sexual assault victims, for the world.

But the Huffington Post says, Canada gets a big fat F when it comes to fixing this cancerous problem in their own land. It’s embarrassing. The Huffington Post described Canada in yesterday’s report as, “Leading the way to end sex and gender based violence, but we’re failing at home.”

We’re becoming the global leader on this topic that Trudeau promised, Huff Post says. Huff Post also said,

“Canada’s court system relies on an outdated understanding of sexual violence as an experience faced by a perfect victim at the hands of a bad stranger. Survivors of sexual violence who come forward in Canada are often re-traumatized by a criminal justice system that forces victims to relive their experience through an aggressive cross examination process that is judged by myths of what survivors of sexual assault and violence should look and act like….Canada is failing to properly address sexual and gender based violence and is actively preventing survivors from coming forward.”

It was just over two weeks ago when former celebrity radio host and former band member of Moxy Fruvous Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted of 4 charges of sexual assault, and one charge of overcoming resistance by choking. This was not one person making these complaints. There were several, and still are.

It was Canada’s criminal sexual assault trial of the century. 3 victims bravely faced the court of public opinion, in the criminal courts of Ontario, to tell their story on how Jian hurt them. But they weren’t alone in the hot mess that is the Jian Ghomeshi scandal.

With over 20 victims coming forward to say, “Jian Ghomeshi hurt me” since October 2014, most of Canada, and the world, has been left wondering, “How did that acquittal happen?” The answer is, because Jian Ghomeshi didn’t take the stand.

Initially when the scandal broke Jian said he intended to “meet the allegations directly.” Showing up on time for court however doesn’t count as meeting the allegations directly, unless you actually take the stand. But he didn’t. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

So how did an acquittal happen? It happened because of deception. Deception occurred in the Toronto bubble so steep that we all knew what [the acquittal] was going to happen before it happened.

The media has been under fire for being deceptive. The judge has been under fire for being deceptive. The defense has been under fire for being deceptive. And the Prime Minister of Canada, who some suspect has a relationship with Jian Ghomeshi, has been oddly quiet about the whole thing.

The media is the first source of deception in this trial. It was the Toronto Star that first broke the Jian Ghomeshi story. They are still clapping for themselves and patting themselves on the back for that, willfully oblivious to the fact that they have since come across as a deceptive source of mainstream media.

They are very proud of themselves though. This, despite the fact that one of those brave women that testified testified under oath that they twisted her story. Another media outlet accused one of the victims, a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces, of being high when she knew Jian Ghomeshi.

When you are a reporter and a victim of sexual assault tells you that you got her story wrong, you don't get to turn around and accuse her of deception, or of being high. Period. That instantly makes you the bad guy to every victim in Canada.

When a victim, of sexual assault or any crime, tells you their story, it’s their story. It’s not yours. You don’t get to decide how to tell it, or decide that she is high. Journalism 101.

Everyone in Toronto is just pretending that isn't happening. The real reporters are talking about things that actually educate the public, which is after all the purpose of the media. Those reporters, who are actual journalists, are telling the truth about the effects of trauma on memory recall.

That's a ball the Crown dropped too in this case. They should have put experts up to talk about the effects of trauma on memory, a turning point in Judge Horkins ruling in the Jian Ghomeshi trial. Instead they didn't.

So, the judge also turned around and accused the victims of deception as well. Which is interesting. Because we have learned he hasn’t been exactly forthcoming about some things himself, and is a second point of deception in this trial.

Judge Horkins lied in his ruling for starters. He said that he didn't want to retraumatize or stereotype the victims in the Jian Ghomeshi trial. And then he did both.

When you use a picture of a woman in a bikini, against a sexual assault victim, you may as well just ask her why didn't she just keep her knees together during the traumatic events. For this, many believe that Judge Horkins should be brought to the same task as the Alberta judge that did exactly that.

That Alberta judge, Judge Camp, is now facing a mortifying public inquiry over it. Judge Camp is probably going to lose his job. The 2017 update is that he did lose his job which has only happened 3 times before in the history of Canada. Unlike in America, once your career comes under Parliamentary review it is game over.

But Judge Horkins of the Ghomeshi trial deserves some higher scrutiny as well. Judge Horkins also accused the victims of Ghomeshi for not fully disclosing everything.

Now this is interesting. Because it seems Judge Horkins has a few secrets of his own. One that, he shares with the defense team of Jian Ghomeshi. As it turns out, the judge that accused the victims of not disclosing everything, failed to disclose everything. Nothing happened.

The victims of the Jian Ghomeshi trial were accused of not handing over all of their emails for the past 13 years. It was almost as if Judge Horkins was saying, because you are not good record keepers, or good at remembering things from 13 years ago, I can not convict this man of the violent charges against him.

He did not say the violent events didn’t happen. In fact he said the exact opposite. In his ruling he said that "not enough evidence to convict" does not mean innocent. He also said, to the sexual assault victims, for not disclosing these things, I find you guilty of deception.

Does that mean that Judge Horkins believes that not disclosing something means whoever doesn’t do the disclosing is deceptive? If so, then he is too. And so is the defense, the third example of political deception in the Jian Ghomeshi trial.

Canadaland has compiled a complete report of this deception. That is that, Judge Horkins and defense lawyer Marie Henein were not complete strangers prior to the Ghomeshi trial. Here’s the reader’s digest version of events.

Judge Horkins has a son. Marie Henein has a brother. Both of those people [the son and the brother] work in the same law firm in Toronto. Judge Horkin’s son, and Marie Henein’s brother, work together, every single day.

This was not disclosed to anyone prior to trial. Is it a conflict of interest? We don’t know yet. But it looks bad that the judge’s son and the defense attorney’s brother were, according to a company newsletter, in New Orleans attending a law firm conference together, while the Jian Ghomeshi trial was in progress, between February 2 and February 5.

All parties, Marie Henein, the son, the brother, and the judge, were contacted by Canadaland for a comment on that. All parties, did not offer a comment, refusing to fully disclose anything about the nature of those relationships.

If the relationships were so innocent, why not discuss them? Is it a big deal? Kind of one of those things legally speaking that depends on the case. It's not illegal. It happens. In some cases it is grounds for appeal and in some it's not.

It’s a dangerous game to play here in a high profile trial when any little thing can lead to an appeal or mistrial. So, most of the people that support sexual assault victims are outraged by this and feel that this relationship represents a clear conflict of interest and, at the very least, should have been disclosed to the public prior to trial.

In every city there are only so many lawyers and judges to go around for all of the criminals. So it does happen. It's just kind of hypocritical to accuse an assault victim of being deceptive for not fully disclosing when you refuse to fully disclose the fact that your brother and the Judge’s son are hitting Bourbon Street in New Orleans together while Jian Ghomeshi is on trial.

The Prime Minister of Canada isn’t much better. He’s not being politically deceptive, but he’s not saying anything either which to many, in particular the women of his country, comes off as deceptive. Prime Minister Trudeau’s response to the Jian Ghomeshi verdict has been largely silent.

It’s also been very reminiscent of the good times of the election days when he talked out of both sides of his mouth. Trudeau’s response to the Ghomeshi verdict, and to sexual assault victims in Canada, has basically been, “We should talk about this. I’m not talking about this.”

Immediately after the Jian Ghomeshi verdict, CP 24 News asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau what his thoughts were on the case. He said,

“It just came down, and in any case, I’m not going to react to a specific verdict like that. I think these are the kinds of discussions we need to be having as a society that values and respects women.”

In other words, he said, we should talk about this, but I refuse to fully disclose my thoughts on this. Is that because the Prime Minister has a relationship with Jian Ghomeshi as many suspect? We tweeted and contacted the Prime Minister our questions on that. We have not heard back, at the time of press, a media way of saying, we probably won’t.

Silence is golden on this case. It secures acquittals of violent crimes. Jian Ghomeshi is still under bail conditions and is still facing another criminal trial in June. It is unlikely that the deception will end anytime soon.

So, the rest of the world that sees the truth needs to keep talking for sexual assault victims as loud as they can. Otherwise, this cancer is going to run amuck. Many groups that support sexual assault victims are.

One group, the Built Environment, has recently released a podcast uncovering some of the truths, and the deception in the many layers of the Jian Ghomeshi trial, rape culture, and the “systemic” problems facing sexual assault survivors. They say of their podcast, that,

“This episode contains explicit descriptions of sexual violence, rape myths as they are used in courts, discussion of triggering media coverage, and barriers to accessing to justice for people who have experienced violence….We reject the sensationalist approach taken by mainstream media towards the [Jian Ghomeshi] trial.”

In the podcast they say, this systemic problem is not just related to this case. It is, systemic. They say, Canadian women experience violence every day. They say, a woman is killed due to intimate partner violence once every six days in Canada.

They say, people that perpetrate violence will feel more legitimately able to do so now as a result of this verdict. And if you support Ghomeshi victims on Twitter, you have experienced this first hand. Violence against survivors is everywhere, and the truth is very heavily being stifled while the deceptions run amuck amuck amuck.

The truth is that an innocent man does not have multiple criminal trials regarding multiple victims for sexual assault in one year, within three months of each other. CTV News reported that most of Toronto that is not in the media bubble slapping each other on the back, have a very big problem with the Ghomeshi verdict. Most people with rational and non-deceptive agendas see the truth about Jian Ghomeshi.

Another truth is that when Jian Ghomeshi heard that one victim was going public, he told her he was “shaking” and that, after throwing her out of his house without a word, all of a sudden he wanted to talk to her about….going public with her allegations. The truth is that the Toronto Star has that documentation and correspondence, all of it, and still refer to the Ghomeshi victims as deceptive.

Another truth is that an innocent man does not have over 20 victims, many of them high profile and risking their careers and personal lives to make allegations, claiming the same violent things about him. The truth is, there are more than 20 victims of Jian Ghomeshi. The truth is also, the Toronto media, the judge, the defense attorney, and the Canadian Prime Minister, know that Jian Ghomeshi hurt women.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared on Jian’s show last year when he was trying to become elected as the Prime Minister. Watch the entire interview here. Is it really possible there is no personal relationship between the Prime Minister and Jian?

Zoe Kazan, a Hollywood actress described as Hollywood royalty was also interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi and describes an experience with him that suggests Jian does in fact like to become intimate with his subjects. She put her experiences to “pen” in a List App note titled, “I wrote something about Jian Ghomeshi and all I got were these stupid trolls.” Her gripping experience that brought tears to the eyes of many has been tweeted thousands of times.

The deception in the Jian Ghomeshi trial is political and has become cancerous, and obvious, to Canada. Who will cut it out?


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