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If Binay is the next President of the Philippines, Would He Pardon Jinggoy and Enrile when Jailed?

Updated on March 18, 2014

Jinggoy and Estrada Guilty?

Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile are in very hot water these days. Of course the other senator, Bong Revilla is also in hot water but these few days only the names of Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile are in the front-page because the latest whistle-blower Ruby Tuason has already revealed the clear participation of these two senators in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

Jinggoy as told by Ruby Tuason was even directly receiving the kickback money from Ruby Tuason in few instances while the chief of staff of Enrile was the old man’s bag woman in essence for she was the one receiving the money. Her testimonies are very forceful and if you were to believe her, it is very likely that Senator Jinggoy and Juan Ponce Enrile are guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Obviously Ruby Tuason, former President Estrada’s social secretary and Jinggoy’s friend has decided to become a whistle blower to escape or (at worse) to at least lighten the degree of her punishment. She must have really realized that she has no other choice but admit her guilt and to tell her piece of truth about this big pork barrel scam. She has apparently seen that based on how the case is going, she has no more other way out. So, she chose to admit her guilt and pinpoint the other alleged participants in this crime whoever they are.

Tuason's Admission That Jinggoy Received Kickback Money Personally

Ruby Tuason in the Senate Hearing
Ruby Tuason in the Senate Hearing
Senator Miriam While QuestioningTuason at the Senate Hearing
Senator Miriam While QuestioningTuason at the Senate Hearing

Senator Miriam Obviously Happy with Tuason's Testimony

Oh well, no matter what, the obvious fact is Ruby actually made Senator Miriam Santiago very happy. Indeed the feisty lady senator got what she wanted. She has been pointing or hinting or (should we say) naming without any reservation Senator Juan Ponce Enrile as the brain of this PDAF scam and Ruby Tuason’s testimony gave Senator Miriam’s accusation a very good backup. While Ruby Tuason said the old Senator Enrile did not in any instance receive money directly, there were parts in her testimonies that gave away the secret participation of the old senator to this scam.

Senator Enrile's Bag Woman

In the Senate Hearing, Ruby Tuason’s testimonies pinpoint Enrile’s former Chief of Staff, Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes (who fled out of the country to evade persecution on August 31, 2013 ),who was obviously directly in charge of receiving the kickback money from Ruby Tuason. Miriam hinted that Tuason said that Enrile's involvement is likely. This is even if Tuason said he never received money directly. Senator Miriam was seemed hinting that the fact that Gigi Reyes was at times being picked up by the old Senator after receiving the kickback money is a very positive proof of Enrile’s involvement in this illegal deal.

Gigi Reyes, Enrile's Wife or Mistress?

Sen. Enrile and Chief of Staff Gigi Reyes Romantic Involvment

Senator Miriam at one point even dropped a bomb when she questioned why Senator Enrile would entrust such a big amount to his chief-of-staff and why he would even pick up his chief of staff who is supposed to be his servant (utusan) and said she must be either his wife or his mistress. So Senator Miriam tactlessly pronounced that there is really something more between Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and Atty. Gigi Reyes. For the record, this rumor of love relationship between Gigi Reyes and Senator Enrile has been the subject of gossip for many years but whatever is the truth only the parties involved knew.

If Binay Becomes The President Would He Pardon The Two Senators?

The testimony of Ruby Tuason revealed many secrets that will mostly likely send Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile into jail. Well, that is they can't prove otherwise. Now granted for the sake of argument that they are found guilty. Would Jinggoy repeat the history of his his father, former President Erap? What if Jeojomar Binay would become the next President of the Philippines? Would he also do as what former President Gloria did to Erap? Would he also give Jinggoy a shorter stint in jail by giving an immediate pardon? Always remember that Erap his Dad is Binay’s close political ally these days.

How about Senator Enrile? Would he and his chief of staff both end in jail? Juan Ponce Enrile is now 90 years old. Would it not be so sad an end for a man so smart and as old as he is to spend the last years in prison? Would he still live longer to serve his full sentence in jail? It is very likely that this man if and when he went to prison would also be pardoned earlier than everyone hope to be. This is if and when the next President is Jeojomar Binay and that is if Binay will follow the same mistake that Gloria did.

Questions for the Filipino People

The last questions are for the Filipinos. Do you believe Jinggoy and Enrile are guilty? Did you vote for these two seemingly guilty senators? If you answered yes to both questions, would you now vote wisely the next time around, or would be too stup!d again to get cheated? Would you forget history so soon as you always do and would again vote in accordance to the candidate’s popularity and not dignity?


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