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Jo Swinson: Ready to Take Down, Boris, Jezza and Nige.

Updated on September 18, 2019

Jo Swinson: Lib-Dem Leader.

Party season is upon us, where all the political parties of the UK, gather to have their annual party conferences. The Liberal-Democrat conference has just ended, being held at Bournemouth, on the south coast of England.

Their new leader, Jo Swinson, gave a barnstorming speech, to the party faithful. She came over as super confident and explaining what she hoped she and her party, could achieve.

She made no bones about the fact in any general election, she would be going for the top job of Prime Minister. She may feel, with Labour going off to the far left and the Tories going off to the far right, she can inhabit the middle ground. She can win the votes of moderate voters from both left and right, worried about the antics of Boris 'The Clown' Johnson and Jezza 'The Red' Corbyn. She said, as much, in her speech, that voters, turned off by an old Etonian (Boris) and a Commie from the '70s (Corbyn), could look to her. She also, targeted Nigel Farage, saying she would battle him, in any near future general election.

One crucial point though, Jo Swinson, has firmly, nailed the Lib-Dems flag to the Remainer mast. If she becomes Prime Minister, in a general election, she would cancel Article 50 and cancel Brexit, in the first days of becoming the UK's, third female Prime Minister.

Jo Swinson is compared, perhaps, to bumbling Boris and Steptoe Corbyn, a fresh, young personality, with optimism. Optimism to reverse the misery of austerity inflicted upon this nation, by an uncaring and evil Conservative government, dare I suggest?

Remainer voters will love her and rally to her possibly, while Brexiteers will hate her with a ferocity. Some have said, she has become the Nigel Farage of remaining. It is easy to see why some would believe that. She is an ardent politician, who believes in remaining, just as Farage, is a do or die, Brexiteer.

Many regard Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage, as populists and extremists. It would appear, that Jo Swinson, thinks that too. Ms Swinson has said more or less, she wants to be the moderate choice for voters, in any general election. However, Swinson says, on one hand, she wants to be a moderate politician, but by acting like Farage, has she herself become a populist?

Some Liberal-Democrats, however, are being cautious, when it comes to Ms Swinson. There are Brexiteers in the Lib-Dems, so how will this affect them, now their party has taken up a hard remainer stance? Also, Lib-Dem Brexiteers, will they now switch to the Tories or the Brexit party? Certainly, Ms Swinson may be hoping to hoover up any opposition party remainers, especially from the Tories.

Sky News has postulated, that should Ms Swinson, become the next occupant of No 10, there may be, as the old Nat King Cole song says "trouble, ahead". Trouble, because of Ms Swinson''s policies of cancelling Brexit and revoking Article 50. Many Brexiteers who won the leave/remain vote in 2016, already feel ignored. As soon as Jo Swinson (in power) declares Brexit dead and Article 50, stopped, it could lead to civil unrest and possibly, worse.

Of course, all of the above, is speculation, in a First Past the Post system, how well can the Lib-Dems do? If a hung parliament ensues, after a general election, Jo Swinson has ruled out coalitions. The Lib-Dems certainly would not want to go into government with the Tories, which nearly destroyed them at the polls. Also, Swinson's antipathy to Boris Johnson, one would have thought, definitely no. As for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, who are also vying for the remain vote, Jo Swinson, has also said no to Labour. What about if the Brexit party do well? A Brexit party and Lib-Dem coalition, that's about as likely as, Boris Johnson joining the Labour party! Jo Swinson believes she can get into government without entering into coalition government with other parties. On the surface, one would think no, but in today's changing and troubled UK politics, anything seems possible.

Jo Swinson Warns Boris!

Jo Swinson has something of the warrior woman within her, yet at the same time, she seems like a nice person. Like Tony Blair and David Cameron, before her, she seems fresh, young, shiny and new. Of course, the tarnish soon wore off both Cameron and Blair, one for the Iraq War and the other for Brexit. Everyone has their moment in the sun and everyone, it would appear, has their downfall.

This is not saying, Jo Swinson, if and when, she gets into power, (it would require something of a seismic shift politically speaking) will go the way of Messrs, Blair and Cameron.

During her speech to the Lib-Dem Conference, In Bournemouth, Boris was selected out for attack by Jo, more than, other party leaders. Ms Swinson, found his use of female metaphors, to insult opponents, "Revealing", in her words.

Ms Swinson used these words, to attack Boris: "If he thinks, being a woman, is somehow a weakness, he's about to find out, its not".

Boris, in his first clash, with Corbyn, in parliament, resorted to calling Corbyn, "A big girl's blouse". Is Ms Swinson, overreacting to Boris's words? Boris may not be a sexist, but when it comes to PC language, it would suggest, subconsciously he may be or it may be feminists see such words as old fashioned and derogatory to women.

Certainly, Jo Swinson has lit a fire under her party, and, she has revealed, she is a Boudica like remainer. The Lib-Dems, in past times, have suffered greatly at the polls, largely because, people, saw them as propping up Cameron's regime. Their image of a bird, seemed like a bird, on life support, nearly a dead duck.

However, come to the Euro elections, for the European Parliament, they had something of a revival, because of their remainer credentials. Vince Cable (the leader before Jo Swinson) and his party declared Sex Pistols-Esque, 'Bollocks to Brexit". Remainer voters flocked to this message which saw, a large number, of Lib-Dem MEPs, elected, as MEPs.

So the Lib-Dem bird has risen again, like the phoenix. What the future will hold for Swinson and her party, remain in the hands, of British voters and many other factors.


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