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Jobs For Teens | The Legal And The Social Aspects

Updated on August 19, 2012

What are the jobs suitable for teens (as a part time job)? There is a long list of that, but before going to those details we have to answer another question; should the teens at all work during the course of their education? Lots of controversies are there on this issue also; some people think that teens should not go for a job because their prime goal at that time is to complete their education and gather enough competence for their future life. Others think that teens could do the part time jobs during the course of their education which would give them sufficient exposure to the society which would in turn give them the better experience to serve for their employer in future.

Personally I believe in the second theory, but I feel that it should not be imposed on them. If they are able to continue their education and desire to have a job for some extra money for them, then there is no harm at all.

The Legal Aspects

Every country has its own law for the prevention of child labor.The definition of child, the minimum age for a permanent job, school leaving age or drop out age and the minimum age for a part time job for a teenager is clearly mentioned in the law. In case of part time job for teens, they are not allowed for certain type of hazardous and dangerous jobs the details of which are also included in the law.

It is found that in most of the countries the school leaving age is 14 years. The employment age varies from 14 years to 18 years. Therefore a teen of age 14 is entitled to have a part time job in most of the countries but it is better to check with the local or state government offices to be in the safer side.

Choice of Jobs

Now suppose a teenager desires to have a part time job andentitled to do so legally then the question comes of choosing the right job. Whatwould be they good at? Whether the job would suit their personality andtemperament? There points to be carefully considered before choosing the job.

Following are a list of jobs which is suitable for teens andwould require less initial skill.

Baby sitting – Working parents normally requires somebody reliableto look after their children in their absence; this could be a good option ifthe teen like kids. A short course on First Aid would be an additionalqualification for the job.

Car washing – This could be quite a challenging job if the teenis not reluctant to perform physical labor, and not ashamed of cleaning andwashing job.

Working at gas filling stations – This is another interestingjob which requires no initial experience.

Working at a fast-food restaurant or ice-cream parlor - Thisis the job most teens would like to do but it is not as easy as it sounds. The personhas to be smart enough to make the customer happy as well as tackle anyundesired situation.

Working as a clerk in a store – it would enhance the writingand record keeping skill which would be helpful in getting a permanent job infuture.

Working at a supermarket – there are a variety of works insupermarkets, each of which needs special attention and care. If somebody worksfor a few years in a supermarket he or she would certainly be benefitted bythis while searching for a permanent job.

Now a day almost every teen are computer savvy. They caneasily make them competent for the following jobs also.

Teaching older people the basics of computers - The olderpeople who are totally ignorant of computers or afraid of handling it would behappy to get a person at their own place who would be teaching that moderntechnique to them. Teens could teach them how to use a computer, how to useemail and internet etc.

Working at a DTP centre - learning Microsoft Word, Excel,PowerPoint, Access and other DTP software like page maker, a teen can earnhandsome money; this would also enhance their skill.

Creating Web Sites – Now on line business are on a boom;teens could create their own web site or blog and earn money through affiliate programlike Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon etc. They could also create web sites forothers and earn money.

These are only a few of the jobs which I could remember atthis time but there would be many more of such type of jobs which also could beexplored.

The Social Aspects

There are certain issues related to the part time jobs for teens which should also be thought of. The first of all such issue is related to unemployment. In this era of global slowdown if lots of part time jobs are created then a substantial number of permanent jobs would be decreased and it would further worsen the unemployment problem.

Another issue is related to maintaining the moral values of the working children. If teens are exposed to lots of free flowing money there would be a threat of decreasing of moral values which could ultimately affect the society itself.

The sociologist and the politicians should address these issues with due importance to maintain a balance. 


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    • cupid51 profile image

      cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks Tkumah for visiting my hub and leaving a well thought comment on it! I also agree with you that unless it is very much necessary teens should work only on long holidays, so that they could concentrate on study as well as have some work experience before they actually enter in to the professional life.

    • Tkumah profile image

      Tkumah 7 years ago

      Thumb up. I liked the way that you have written a universal hub. Very good ideas for teens jobs.

      I, however think that teens should work in the summer rather then during school year. Perhaps a small weekend job. They need a balanced life and school can be extremely demanding.