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Jodi Arias trial exclusive: Really big mean catfish exposed

Updated on July 19, 2016

Interview With Kelly McFadden, Really Big Mean Dog


Jodi Arias Trial Catfish Exposed

Originally printed January 2015

The Jodi Arias trial out of Phoenix, Arizona, is very quickly turning into the trial of the decade for some Americans. The case has become so high profile that it has garnered an international audience. Here we have a case of lovers gone bad, really, really bad, as bad as it can possibly get. It’s the twenty-first century version of Romeo and Juliet with a very sick and twisted ending. Which side will win? The Montagues? Or the Capulets?

As we all know, nobody won in that story, and nobody is going to win in this one either. What makes this love story stand out from every other lovers gone bad story however is a level of manipulation that has been discovered in this case at every level. It is this manipulation that has led to Jodi Arias being convicted of first degree murder with the element of aggravated cruelty. It has also led to Jodi Arias being referred to as a master manipulator.

Many think the buck on the manipulation stops there. But anyone that has gotten into the trenches of this case know full well the truth about manipulation and the Jodi Arias trial. It’s everywhere. And it seems to arise from the defense table more often than it does not.

Jodi Arias is currently undergoing a retrial of her sentencing phase for the brutal slaying of her 30-year-old Travis Alexander. In 2013 the State showed the jury the many levels of underhandedness this defendant was willing to go in order to plan, execute, and backpedal from this horrific crime. It was 2008 when Jodi seduced Travis, after being dumped by him.

She cornered him naked in his bathroom on June 4 and within 90 seconds Travis would sustain over 25 stab wounds. 9 of those were in a cluster on his back from when he was trying to run away. One was so deep in his skull it created what the Medical Examiner referred to as a divet. Medical students relate this to the chunk of turf you knock out when you are playing golf.

That was only one of the wounds found on Travis Alexander. His windpipe had also been severed to the point of near decapitation. This was a fatal wound, obviously. He also suffered another fatal wound with a five inch deep slice to the heart. That’s the ugliness of rejection manifesting from jealousy.

But it showed up even more in the gunshot wound to the head. After the killer finished her deed she cleaned up, hopped in the car, and went off to another Romeo. She made strenuous efforts to clean up her tracks by calling her victim on the phone moments later, and sending his grandmother flowers. Once the forensics sealed her fate with a first degree murder conviction in 2013, she has continued her path of lies and manipulation at every level in order to prevent the inevitable from happening.

She will do anything to ensure that there is only one person in this case that suffers the death penalty. The unfortunate thing is, Travis Alexander never got the mercy to file motions and appeals for years on end. He only had 90 second to make his case. And he lost.

But Jodi will manipulate at every level to keep that from happening to her. And it gets weirder every day. The weirdness and the moments of shock and awe in this case are many. Many believe that to be due to the fact that Jodi Arias has been referred to by many as a master manipulator. And indeed she is.

We have reported on her multi-leveled organizations that handle some of her manipulations in the outside world. We have also reported on her multi-leveled organizations that handle some of her manipulations on the inside world. This occurs while she awaits her fate in her current residence the Maricopa County Estrella Jail.

The manipulations are many, but as anyone in the trenches has learned time and time again, they are not exclusive to Jodi Arias. In fact the deeper you go into the trenches, the sooner you realize, it’s everywhere. What has made the public so upset about these manipulation tactics, both in and out of trial, is that every swipe of manipulation is another swipe of the blade that guts someone.

And the people swiping those blades? Appear to be much like their beloved hero, the sociopath sitting behind bars who thinks she is more deserving of life than Travis Alexander. It seems there is a new victim in this case every day. One reader told us how they felt about the major players and the manipulation in this case,

“BRAVO! I always enjoy articles that are wrapped like a package and tied with a bow. There is sooooooo much crazy in this trial it's hard to keep up with it all. Especially when you have a major player who's a major liar. I need a wall where I can list all the dates/lies in order to keep up. I don't think hubby would be pleased though if I had marker all over the wall LOL. He can't stand JA just because he's heard me cursing her so many times LOL.”

We have learned about another master manipulator that is not what she appears to be to the reading public. It is a case that by all looks and accounts looks like a catfish situation. A catfish is a person who pretends to be something they are not online. The Urban Dictionary defines a catfish as,

“Someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romance.”

But we know catfish aren’t always motivated by romance. For some it’s money, for others it’s fame. Every catfish has their purpose when they enter their manipulation mode. CTV reported a case out of Montreal last Spring that cropped up when it came out that a woman had duped an entire town, and her fiancé, that she was pregnant with quintuplets, and poverty stricken.

She cashed in big on that one. The end result? It all got returned and there was an entire town, gutted. And a man with a broken heart. That’s what manipulation does to people.

Dr. Phil says that when it comes to catfish, it’s gutting because that’s how they start. They start by pulling your heart strings. His guest Nev Shulman, executive producer of the hit MTV show “Catfish” says sympathy is the powerful weapon of the catfish.

“We see car accidents, deaths in the family and cancer a lot in catfish scams. This is very common because the best way to avoid meeting up is by having a traumatic experience. It will make the other person say, ‘Oh, my God, don’t worry about meeting with me now. I will just wait until you are better.’ This is a way of tugging at your heartstrings and making you feel guilty. Sympathy is an incredibly strong emotion.”

We have learned that the Jodi Arias trial may have exposed a similar type of catfish. We’ve reported on Jodi Arias trial commentary in the past from Canadian writer Kelly over at Really Big Mean Dog. Anyone that has read any of her work knows that Kelly is a struggling author. She writes as an abuse survivor who suffers from agoraphobia.

This past Christmas, Kelly wrote to her readers a little bit about what it is like to live with agoraphobia.

"The day was spent in my living room instead of locked behind 3 separate doors in some feeble attempt to make myself feel safe. It sounds like no biggie, but the living room hasn't been used in years."

This makes a sound case for agoraphobia. But after spending some time on this blog one thing about Kelly becomes very clear. It is an escalating pattern of trauma, sometimes every day. Kelly also collects donations on her blog. She reported on her blog that her readers basically gave her Christmas, and she was very grateful.

But she also apparently almost died during the Christmas season when she began to have heart failings. Sympathies and heart strings were pulled across the Internet as her supporters, friends, and online friends in the Jodi Arias community that loved her rallied for her near death experience. Some people probably even donated money, as Kelly McFadden from Waterford, Ontario, makes this very easy for her readers with many prominent donation buttons on her blog.

She also provides clear instructions to her international doners on how they can make sure they can get her their money too. The escalating pattern of traumatic experiences troubled this Examiner. An investigation was launched on this case when Kelly began talking about some heart problems.

It did not take long to realize that Kelly has been out of the house and functioning in the real world more regularly than she reports on her blog. She recently told this Examiner that she has had agoraphobia for 4 years. Her former employer at the water drilling company touts her as a good worker who they had to let go last year because they were downsized.

In addition to being agoraphobic, Kelly has written frequently about the added complication in her life of being alone. Kelly has nobody is the mentality that anybody that has met her through the Jodi Arias case believes. She is locked by herself behind bedroom doors with a heart condition. At Christmas she thanked everybody for being there for her during these troubling times.

“I thank you all for the encouragement, for the words of support, for worrying about me, for the friendships that have been forged, and for giving me the thing that was so lacking in my life and I had no idea until I had it that it was missing. You gave me a family.”

This is all accurate information. Many people have forged friendships with her and even loved her because of who she said she was. Many people that loved her even sent her money because they really and truly believed she had nobody to help. We believed her stories.

We have discovered that Kelly actually does have a family. It may not be the Waltons, but she has more people in her life than she lets on. Her readers are not her only family as she lets on. On this bloggers Facebook page we see that she is listed as "in a relationship." This is surprising to many, including this Examiner who Kelly has outright told she is "done with men" as a result of her abuse horrors she has suffered.

Has Kelly suffered abuse? Possibly, even probably given that every tall tale starts off with a kernel of truth. Has it kept her behind locked doors in her house swearing off men completely? It appears not. Kelly also has a son and a picture posted on Facebook where she describes him as the “paintball king” in 2013. She however recently told this Examiner she had to give up her son so that her ex wouldn’t kill him.

Karl Hermann, the man we suspect is in Kelly's life, wrote on her Facebook wall on her birthday this year. He said,

"Happy birthday, baby, I love you more and more every day!”

Kelly also received many other messages on her birthday last year. One said,

“Happy birthday, Kelly. Hope you have a great birthday. Sit back put your feet up and relax. Let everyone wait on you hand and foot, you deserve it. I love you.”

Kelly has since hidden that section of her Facebook wall. The mysterious disappearance of that information occurred after she booked an interview with us. A post where she writes about a memory of her child as a baby also disappeared after she booked an interview with us.

A fellow reader posted a get well card on Kelly’s Facebook wall yesterday. Kelly is apparently having heart surgery soon for this life threatening situation she is in. That Get Well card has also disappeared. Is that because Kelly doesn’t want her real life friends to know she is faking a heart condition?

Kelly receives donations on her blog, and repeatedly insinuated this is a meager source of income that she has. Due to her agoraphobia, she is unable to leave the house and work in the real world. We recently spoke with a recent employer of hers who touted Kelly as a fantastic employee that they had to let go due to downsizing last year.

The love story of Juliet Arias is far from over. It is a spiral of master manipulation that seems to trickle down at almost every level, gutting anyone that crosses its path. Is Kelly part of this spiral?

What is the truth about Kelly over at the Really Big Mean Dog Blog? Is she a catfish that has arisen from the ashes of the high profile status of this trial? We booked an interview with her to find out. Here is a transcript of that chat log. Stay tuned as we follow this story, and read on below for the full interview with Kelly McFadden from the Really Big Mean Dog Blog.


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