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Vice President Joe Biden As The Joker...

Updated on July 14, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden As The Joker…

I did my Civic duty last night and watched the Vice Presidential Debate and came away seeing our current Vice President, Biden, channeling the famous Batman nemesis, The Joker - only with bad manners and even worse acting... one can understand the urgency of the Vice President to stop the political Hemophiliac-like bleeding because of the shellacking President Obama took from Governor Romney during the first Presidential debate, which, incidentally, sociologist should have coined as ‘debate abuse...’ with President Obama as the poster child. Here was an almost seventy-year-old Vice President Biden behaving like a petulant child against a respectful Representative Ryan, all in all to score points by any means necessary. One thing we have learned so far since the debates is that, apparently, the current White House occupants have never told lies and just how laughable it was for us to believe that President George Washington never told a lie - but he owned slaves - so it is for President Obama’s Administration… of course, the Obama White House, with emphasis and much assist from the biased Media, has told us what liars Governor Romney and Representative Ryan are.

I know that many children now are raised without any morals, but what parent would want his or her children to emulate the behavior displayed by a mid-sixties Vice President Biden last night during the debate; imagined a Republican behaving like Vice President Biden… with the ‘jack rabbit’ interruptions and the conspicuous put-downs of his opponent. I must give Representative Ryan props because he has the patience of Job for not asking Vice President Biden what medication he was taking, or perhaps, what medication he had not taken due to the latter’s ticks and spasms. Of more import is how cavalier it was for Biden to throw our Intelligence under the proverbial bus when asked about the lies being told about the murder of our Ambassador by Al Qaeda in Libya.

As I have said earlier, the Obama Administration, apparently, does not tell lies for that frailty is for lesser beings like Governor Romney or Republicans in general… but the irony is that the very thing that President Obama has accused Romney of is plaguing the former Administration, notwithstanding the Media's valiant efforts to curtail the exposure of the ongoing lies by the Obama administration on the Libya debacle. It is not that the media do not want to be the beacon of truth (pun intended) for just today, the biased New-York-Times buried the Congressional Hearings on Libya on the back pages - a story which would have normally taken the front pages had it been about a Republican Administration accused of negligence in the murder of our Ambassador among four other citizens. In the Tim Burton version of Batman, the one where Jack Nicholson played The Joker, the iconic actor made many of us laugh by reciting the lines: this town needs an enema… I hope, come early November, that the White-House takes an enema and that the refuge - which makes up the policies of the last four years - finds its way back to Chicago and Delaware respectively.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      This is what the Hubpages are about disagreements with civility.... thanks...

    • jaba219 profile image

      Mike 5 years ago from O H I O

      Nice article and while I must respectively disagree with some of it, Biden achieved exactly what he set out to accomplish, whether he looked like a villain or not.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York


    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 5 years ago

      Indeed. Well put; well done.