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John Major: Threatening to Take Bo-Jo to Court!

Updated on July 11, 2019

Ex British Prime Minister, John Major.

John Major was Prime Minister from 1990 - 1997.
John Major was Prime Minister from 1990 - 1997. | Source

I always remembered John Major, even though, he was a Conservative, as not a bad Prime Minister. In his day, while things were far from perfect and he had taken over from Maggie Thatcher, there was at least no austerity.

Major, unlike many Tories back then and now, came from a working-class background. Raised in Brixton, he escaped his humble beginnings to eventually reach the dizzying heights of an occupant of No 10. Major was the Prime Minister who led the UK through the 1990 - 91 Gulf War. His tenure in N0 10 between 1990 - 1997, had its ups and downs. Eventually, in the general election, of 1997, Mr Major was defeated by Tony Blair and New Labour (which was something of a move to the right, for a traditionally socialist party).

Mr Major, though, retired from frontline politics, occasionally has the odd intervention, into the present day, politics. Mr Major has had great differences at times, with Cameron, May and now it seems, the man who may be next Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

John Major has eluded to the fact, that if Boris, as Prime Minister, attempts to shut down parliament, he would launch legal action.

Boris has stated, that to obtain a no deal Brexit, he would be quite willing to shut down parliament. His reason being is that no MPs from his own or other parties could challenge him over that.

John Major, however, has stated that would cause a constitutional crisis. In such an event, Boris would have to go and see Queen Elizabeth, to seek her permission, to suspend parliament.

Of course, if Her Majesty would not acquiesce, to such a request, what would happen then?

Many MPs of all hues fear a no deal Brexit, as they fear it would disrupt the UK. Disruption to the UK economy and chaos everywhere else. How well, the British establishment has prepared its people for a possible no deal is open to question, however.

The Labour party, Greens, Lib-Dems, some Conservatives, SNP and Plaid Cymru would certainly block (or try to block a no deal). Many fear, whether it be a Johnson Premiership or even a Jeremy Hunt one, that parliament could be in gridlock again. Gridlock over Brexit and how the UK will leave, supposedly on 31 October.

If it is the case, that no deal or any deal at all, is opposed by MP's, Johnson or Hunt, will find themselves in the same mess, as the outgoing, Theresa May. So then what will have been achieved by this? You will have a new Prime Minister yes, (to be announced on 23 July) but if parliament, is still on gridlock over this, it will be 'Groundhog Day' again. Could this situation go on and on, ad nauseam?

On the European Union side, who have just held elections, they too must be thoroughly sick of Brexit. Like the Clash song "Should I Stay Or Should I Go", this is the predicament the UK has found itself in. Brexit has divided Britain, between Remainers and Brexiteers (also known as leavers) in a way not seen for centuries, or, even generations. The last time the British populace was divided over such a thing, was during the 1600s when it was Parliament v The King. I won't bore you with history, but if you are a scholar of British history, you will be aware of how that turned out.

The Brexit party under Nigel Farage has become the rallying point for Brexiteers and the Lib-Dems for Remainers. During the opening of the new EU parliament, when the EU national anthem was played, Brexit MEPs turned their back on the music and its proceedings. Whereas the Lib-Dems, stood listening and watching the proceedings, as 'Ode To Joy' was sung. The Lib-Dems stood there with yellow t-shirts on, which said at the back: "Bollocks to Brexit".

Boris, should he become Prime Minister, has promised to take us out of the EU, by the deadline, set by the EU, by October 31. Boris is very good at soundbites, however, some feel, he is prone to lies, fantasies or even delusions. Like when he promised the UK would get back 39 billion for the NHS, should the UK leave the EU. This has since turned out to be an impossible delusion and many were taken in by it. Now, is Boris at it again, saying he can, deal or no deal, deliver Brexit, on 31 October? What happens, if for one reason or another, the UK cannot leave the EU by the deadline date? What will Boris, do then? (if he is Prime Minister and according to Tory polls, he will be).

Boris John, the man who would be Prime Minister.
Boris John, the man who would be Prime Minister. | Source
Queen Elizabeth on note, with an image of Queen Victoria on coin.
Queen Elizabeth on note, with an image of Queen Victoria on coin. | Source

John Major: What is He Playing At?

Those close to Boris Johnson, have accused John Major, of losing the plot! They say Brexit has driven the ex-Prime Minister, over the edge, mentally.

This has been suggested, because of Mr Major, threatening, to take Boris, to court, if he enacts, the suspension, of parliament. As has been highlighted, in the above piece, Boris may want to do this so a no deal Brexit, can be unopposed. In other words, Boris will then get his way, over a no deal Brexit.

However, as John Major and others have rightly pointed out, Boris would have to see the Queen. Boris, at Buckingham Place, would formally ask the Queen, if he could shut down parliament.

However, whatever the Queen's response, it could activate a constitutional crisis. Bringing a monarch, who has no political power, at least, into politics. The last time a British Monarch, was involved in politics, was back in the 1600s.

It was King Charles, a vainglorious man, who thought God had given him the power to do as he pleased (and be unaccountable to the people, represented by parliament). Of course, there was a civil war, Charles lost and was beheaded.

Of course, times, (hopefully), have moved on from then, but if any constitutional crisis does indeed occur, over Brexit, what then?


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