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John Major attacks Brexit

Updated on February 28, 2017
Former PM John Major
Former PM John Major | Source
Theresa May outside No 10 with military friends
Theresa May outside No 10 with military friends | Source

John Major was the last working class Conservative Prime Minister who came from working class Brixton same as the now departed and much missed David Jones aka Bowie. He passed exams by post and became PM when Thatcher was ousted from power by her cabinet in 1990 and saw us through the first Iraq conflict. He also oversaw the Maastricht agreement with the EU and even then a lot of his fellow Tories were anti - EU.

Now John Major has launched a blistering attack on Brexit as did his successor Tony Blair. Saying public not being told the whole truth about the 'Hard Brexit' Theresa May wants to deliver for the UK.

Its not the first time Major has attacked this government attacking Cameron's cuts landing severely on the banks of the working class. Now he is at odds with Cameron's successor May and will no doubt be taking some comfort in the fact that Michael Heseltine in The House of Lords is challenging Brexit too with the help of Tory, Labour and Lib Dem Peers in a cross party challenge.

Major has emphasized that the government is ramping up trade deals with Commonwealth countries and the USA. Also that the government is ignoring dangers that may lie ahead for the UK once we have exited or Brexited the European Union.

For example when it comes to trade deals with Trump's USA it will not be an equal partnership. Major feels as did Obama and Cameron that the UK being in the EU gave us some leverage on the world stage standing with other European nations when dealing with larger nations like the USA, Russia, China and others.

He feels that with the UK on its own outside of the EU will lose some of its prestige and will not have the clout it did when it was part of the European Union block.

Major also feels we would be very stupid indeed if we severed all trade links with the European Union. Also if things down the line once the UK is afloat on its own with out the European Union go wrong people will feel conned and angry.

Major unlike Blair is not asking for another referendum he obviously accepts that another referendum a'int gonna happen any time soon. He is simply asking that we keep some kind of relationship with the EU going for the benefit as he sees it for the UK.

Brief Bio of Sir John Major

1) Born in St Helier Hospital, Sutton, Surrey, England in 1943

2) Attended Cheam Primary School and Rutlish Grammar School

3) Father was a music hall performer

4) Joined Young Conservatives in Brixton

5) Father died in 1962

6) Mother died in early 70's

7) Married Norma his wife in 1970

8) They have grown up children James and Elizabeth

9) Elected as an MP in 1979 General Election which saw the rise of fellow Conservative Margaret Thatcher

10) Had several periods of being unemployed

11) Had several Cabinet jobs in Thatcher's administration before succeeding her

12) Served as Prime Minister from 28 November 1990 - 2 May 1997

13) Was succeeded by Tony Blair as Prime Minister and succeeded as Tory leader by William Hague who currently sits in the House of Lords

14) Often at odds with his posh Cabinet and saw off a leadership challenge while in office

15) Was a figure of fun for the media and the puppet show 'Spitting Image'

16) Oversaw UK go to war with Iraq

17) Likes Cricket, supports Chelsea FC, likes Motor racing and is Patron of British Gymnastics


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 9 months ago from Blackpool

      People think of Blair more for the Iraq War of 2003 not necessarily Major in 1991 but I take your point. As for Major stepping in about Brexit he is not the only ex PM speaking out as he sees it about Brexit. Blair as you may know is calling for Remainers and those who voted out but have now changed their minds to rise up and would probably like another referendum Major does not seem to be calling for that

    • emge profile image

      Madan 9 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      The EUROPEAN union is finished. With Le Pen leading in France and boy she may win and she has promised she will take france out of the EU. Same in Netherlands. It is good the UK left the EU and John Major better answer for his lies on the Iraq war than bother about Brexit. Thats over.

    • junko profile image

      junko 9 months ago

      Prime Minister May would be wise to consider what John Major warns about England standing alone. President Trump reconsidered his ideas about the UN .

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 9 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Thx, Nick. I always admired him but I know the British public (and press) can be another matter.

    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 9 months ago from Blackpool

      John Major to me was not as bad as May and Cameron or perhaps even Thatcher though perhaps Thatcher was better in some ways than Cameron and May. He was working class and came from nothing and has attacked Cameron's government for austerity in the past and now May for Brexit

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 9 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Nick, how does the British public feel about John Major? His legacy, etc.? Do they think he was a good PM?

      I can't get a good idea from reading your newspapers.