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John McDonnell: Would Send Jeremy Corbyn to Buckingham Palace.

Updated on August 9, 2019

Shadow Chancellor: John McDonnell.

When Parliament resumes in September, after the summer recess, it seems there will be an almighty showdown.

For one, the opposition parties, Labour, Lib-Dems, SNP, Greens, Welsh Nationalists, are gearing up to combat a 'no deal' Brexit. Many Tories, will also side with the opposition parties, to block or at least try and delay a no-deal Brexit. Bo-Jo the clown, has stated time and again, he will make sure the UK leaves the EU, by October 31st, deal or no deal, with the European Union.

There is also talk, if Boris, is successful, in getting us out of the EU, by the above date, he will go for an early general election.

Jeremy Corbyn has stated he will call for a no-confidence vote in Boris, as Prime Minister. If Boris, loses the vote of no confidence, will he stay put in No 10, and can he legally?

Really after that, he should call a general election, to see if the people have confidence in him, as the Prime Minister. Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has stated should Boris not call a general election and refuse to leave 10 Downing Street, he would be sending Jeremy Corbyn to Buckingham Palace.

Not just to have tea and neatly cut cucumber sandwiches, but, to declare, to the 93-year-old monarch, that, "Labour is taking over". John McDonnell has made no doubt about the fact, that he will drag the Queen into such a constitutional crisis, should it arise.

Despite losing the 2016 vote for the UK staying or leaving the EU, the remainers have not gone away. In fact, if anything, because the Greens, Labour, and others are for stopping Brexit, politically, remainers are still a force, to be reckoned with.

Brexit has divided people in the UK as nothing has for a long time, in this country. There is vociferous hatred between leavers (also called Brexiteers) and remainers. Both parties, insult one another, Brexiteers (leavers) call Remainers 'Remoaners', whilst Remainers call Leavers, Losers. Some historians have compared this situation to the English Civil War of the 1600s. Whichever way you look at it, the repercussions of Brexit, may drag on for years.

I am an unashamed Labour supporter, Corbyn, offers the country a new direction, in which the poor will come first and the greedy will sleep, hopefully, uncomfortably in their beds. At the end of the day, Corbyn, is just a man, with many flaws, like any of us, however, we desperately need to see the back of this redundant and vile Conservative administration. This government in its 9-year tenure has inflicted the worst suffering on those in society, with the least to gain, namely, the poor, disabled and sick. The government's flagship welfare reform, Universal Credit, instead of helping the most vulnerable, (as it said it would do) has instead inflicted poverty and homelessness on many. Austerity has seen services like the Police, NHS, Fire Service, Local Council Services cut, affecting the lives of thousands who depend on them. Even those in work, are no better off for working, many are doing two jobs, to make ends meet. Nurses and teachers, who receive substantially good pay, are having to go to food banks. Homelessness and knife crime, are two results of Tory mismanagement and are blights on our society.

For the Queen, to intervene, by her own volition or by John McDonnells, is unheard of. This actually did happen in Australia and it may happen here, for the reasons, described in this article.

John McDonnell: Might Put Tories on Trial!

John McDonnell, who may well be, the next UK Chancellor, is a quiet-spoken man and a Liverpool supporter. He makes no bones about the fact, he is a firebrand, left-winger.

Once during an exchange, with George Osborne, who at the time was chancellor, McDonnell gave his opposite number, a book on Karl Marx.

Negotiating with the Conservatives is hard, and Mr McDonnell, cannot forgive the Conservatives, for what their administration, has done to this country. A recent UN report stated that this governments policy has resulted in the deaths and suffering of thousands of people. For me, because of this, this Tory administration should be tried in a court of law, for crimes against humanity.

John McDonnell would like to see the Tories, it is alleged, on trial, for benefit cuts. Benefit cuts and a thousand others things this government has done, in its nearly ten-year rule.

Mr McDonnell has apparently ruled himself out for replacing Jeremy Corbyn. Mr McDonnell, however, does not underestimate, Bo-Jo as a political opponent. His friend, former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, describes Boris, as one of the toughest political opponents, he has ever come up, against.

John McDonnell, while describing Boris, as possibly unhinged, does not doubt the man's intelligence. McDonnell said he does not trust Boris one iota and describes him as manipulative.

Given Boris's of playing to the gallery and making statements, that are either lies or half-truths, he may be right.


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