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Joining the Military

Updated on June 26, 2018


First off, in today's day and age it is becoming rarer and rarer for young men and women to be joining today's military. That is really a shame because there is allot that the military has to offer everyone who wants to face a little hardship and adversity, prove to themselves and their peers that they have what it takes.

By choosing to join the military you making a commitment to something that is far larger than yourself, you are choosing to be a part of the one percent of Americans who are currently serving at any given time. This is something that will be a part of your forever and where you can effect so many more lives in a positive manner than you ever knew you could. On top of that you will gain one in a lifetime experiences, skills, and knowledge that you can take to the private sector and rely on for the rest of your life. If you are even considering to join any one of the military branches you are already taking a big step forward from many of your peers.

Were to Start and on the Right Foot

Well how do you join the military. When asked this question most people will think of a recruiters station, signing a lengthy contract, and getting shipped off to basic. Yes, that is one way that you can do it, but there are also other routes, and each of them have their own pros can cons.

What is important to sort out before hand is YOURSELF! Make sure that you understand the physical requirements of the position you see yourself serving in. When picking a position sit down with the people that know you the best and ask them questions around how they would view you in the military and in what roles.

More importantly is have A PLAN before even talk to recruiter. It is critical that you have selected at least two military positions in mind just in case they do not have any needs for your position. When talking to the recruiter be upfront and answer their questions generally. Do not sharp shoot any questions and listen intently to what the recruiter has to offer you and is it in line with what you had in mind. Do not sign any contract that is vague or that you do not have a good feeling about it. There are probably many other tips in regards to this route and joining the military but this is just a few quick helpful things to think about before you step foot in the recruiters office.

There is a ton of benefits that the military has to offer you and that you can take advantage of when you are serving and after you have completed your service. One of those is paying for your education or paying off student debt. Nearly every kid graduating from college today has school debt of some sort but what if there was a place you could go that will pay you money and pay off your debt, all at the same time. Well there is, and it is any branch of the US Military. You can join the Reserve Officers Training Corpse or ROTC and get your school paid for while you become an officer, your contract should state when you eligible for certain pay back benefits, and you could join one of the military academies where your college and military experience will be combined.

ROTC is generally one of the more popular entry programs for individuals looking to serve their country after college as officers in the military and like their school paid for and a little extra cash in their pockets. Not to say that there is anything against the military academies but cadets and midshipmen end up in the same places after either commissioning source. To boot ROTC can be joined any year you are in college and if you are in college now and reading this article see if your college has an ROTC program and schedule a meeting with them to see all that they can offer you.

We already live in a country that requests so little of it's citizens but the citizens demand so much from it. How about start by giving something back and earning something that you will forever be proud of, that will propel your life far above that of your peers and set you on a very successful path of success and self achievement. PLAN, KNOW, ACT.


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