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Joplin Missouri EF5 Tornado

Updated on June 25, 2011

A Tornado near Hackleburg,Alabama

This was the EF5 that destroyed 75% of Hackleburg,Alabama on 4/27/2011.
This was the EF5 that destroyed 75% of Hackleburg,Alabama on 4/27/2011. | Source

Joplin,Missouri need your help.

Sunday May 22nd, Joplin Missouri was hit by a EF5 tornado, the strongest rating on the enhanced fujita scale, with winds in excess of over 200 miles an hour.

As of today the 24th of May at 8:10 p.m. there have been 124 confirmed dead & 1500 people still missing.

The twister was 1/4 a mile wide and stayed on the ground for over 6 miles, from the air it looks like a atomic bomb was dropped on the town,everywhere you look is udder devastation.

The tornado that hit Joplin is the single deadliest tornado in 60 years, it destroyed the local St. Johns medical center and they have been treating the walking wounded since Monday in a makeshift emergency room.

If you want to make a donation I would recommend calling 1-800-Red-Cross.

Also a new series of storms are about to enter in Joplin, now and the media is asking that everyone to evacuate the area for fear that another tornado or even high winds would create a extremely dangerous situation with the loose debri flying in the air like missles.

If you want to learn more about how to stay safe in a tornado CLICK HERE.

I need 20 people to help me reach my dream.

Actual video of the Tornado that destroyed Joplin

2011 is a historic year for Tornados

April the 4th of 2011 was a historic day for the people living in Alabama & Mississippi.

There was a super outbreak of Tornadoes that killed over 361 people making April 2011 the single most deadliest month according to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Click Here to read about the super outbreak in Hackleburg,Alabama.

Click Here to learn how you can help the Alabama Tornado Victims.


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    Fay Paxton 6 years ago

    Thanks for this informative post and videos. I put a before and after photo on my post. It is incredible.