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Joseph VS the gun grab

Updated on February 18, 2014
Banning guns arms criminals
Banning guns arms criminals | Source

It was a night like any other, he went home to an empty house. A house that once was filled with joy, laughter and love. But now it is nothing more than a tomb, a dark place filled with nothing but haunting memories.

Joseph had it all once upon a time. But in one swift move of the hand of death he lost everything.
He blamed God, he blamed the two men who broke into their cottage by the lake.
“Why!” “Why did they have to take my family?” he asks himself as he takes another swig of his now nearly empty bottle of Rye.

“They had no chance against the two psychopathic idiots, they had no way of defending themselves.”

“If only we still had our guns, they would still be alive”.

Two years prior to the murder of his wife and son, the government implemented tight restrictions on firearms. The government banned all firearms except single shot, bolt action, 22 calibre long rifles, and they have to be stored in a government secure storage facility.
Joseph was one of the many people who fought against this anti-gun movement, he knew it was the road to making all civilians easy targets to criminals.

His life is evidence to this fact, and his life is not the only one affected by this.
Since the implementation of the new gun law, crime has increased exponentially. However, the government and the anti gun groups speak only of the reduction in gun crimes, and they refuse to acknowledge the rise in all other crimes.

Joseph takes the last of his Rye, looks at the photo of his wife and son. He then walks into his dark office, turns on his desk lamp, then brushes the dust off his macbook, turns it on. He opens his email, clicks compose and begins to type a long letter to the people in his government explaining what the gun grab has done. He begs them to change it back.
Once done he reads it, tears well up in his eyes, he ends the letter with, …if changing the firearms laws back to what we used to have can save even one life, it must be done. Sincerely Joseph Martin.

After completing his letter he sends it off and he finds himself praying again, praying that it will make a difference this time. He hasn’t prayed in over a year.
“Somethings got to give”, he says quietly. He closes the computer and makes his way to his cold and empty bed, lays down and quickly drifts off to sleep.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A very well done take on this issue. Here in Cal just last week the Gov. did a sweep and gathered up dozens and dozens of AR type rifles from documented gang members. While our federal district court confirmed our right to carry in public.

      On the light side that sign would work for my neighbors as all of them are active, retired or reserve military and gangs just stay off our street -- no wondering why in this case.

      I give a moment of silence for all those like your victims.