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Journey “Towards” Spirituality, It is your journey because, it's inspired!

Updated on July 22, 2012

©2009 Dorothy W. Parker All Rights Reserved

When you try to fit your spiritual experience into the whole, along with everybody else, it is no longer yours. We love to talk about our experiences to one another, and many times, we allow our conversations to water down the experience just so we can share it. We love to dialogue about what happened to us and how we felt and the spiritual knowledge we learned from it. If you have never sat down with a group of people after a church service and listened to the conversation about their individual experiences, you would be surprised at the level of observation each person held while in the service. Although they were all sitting in the same service, listening to the same messenger, and experiencing the same rituals, they each had a separate perception and inspiration.

The gathering becomes a dialogue about the experience from the individual’s observation and the service takes on a completely different perspective. The conversation turns into something weird, because now some are feeling guilty because they did not have as deep an experience as someone else or they want to understand the experience of another person, even to the point of comparing and judging the validity of their own experience.

The problem with organized religion is not that it is a bad thing as a rule, because it can be a schoolmaster for many until they are mature enough to take responsibility for their own spiritual journey. The issues around the rituals and the dogma can stifle the growth and experience one can have within the religious service. Because, instead of worship being spontaneous from your inner spirit—you are lead into worship through rituals, organized programs and a set of rules and regulations belonging to the church, synagogue, temple, parish, etc…

These can often be a hindrance and not everyone will follow that type of journey towards spirituality. Many will start out that way just as many of us start out living in our parents homes eventually we leave and began our lives as adults. Everything created has a purpose you must learn its purpose and apply it to your life accordingly. Many young people have learned to let go of the guilt they carry from not following the traditions of their families, they have learned that their journey is their journey and must remains so.

There are many who are still in bondage to the traditions of their families because they need the acceptance from family so they remain in bondage and live their lives chasing golden calves. When you neglect the inspiration of the spirit within your being to follow rituals and dogmas you build golden calves and this is real idolatry. Just because you follow, the crowd does not mean you are in the right. Many times the crowd is a camouflage for the worst kind of idolatry one can experience.

Crowds create riots, and often these riots start out as peaceful demonstrations with good intentions but, when they lose their inspiration they become, angry mobs.

Spirituality is not something you package up and serve as part of a meal. You cannot place it in a frame and have everyone understand it through that frame. It is frameless, boxless, tameless, and cannot be put on a program and followed. There is no explanation for “spirit” except to say spirit “IS”. Confucius said, “Such being the nature of absolute truth, it manifest itself without being seen; it produces effects without motion; it accomplishes its ends without actions”. Jesus said, “The spirit is like the wind it blows where it wills and no man sees it”.

Christianity’s says, “Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of workings; but it is the same God who inspires them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good”.

Christianity one of the largest religious organizations in the world does not advocate the variety of manifestations of Spirit given to inspire all for the common good. It advocates organization, unity, sameness, separatism, exclusivist, doctrine, canon scritpture, dogma, rituals, rules, sacraments, just to name a few.

When walking a spiritual path it is mostly an unknown journey, because it is an inspired journey. Having a conversation about an inspired unknown experience or destination tends to deflate the energy necessary to accomplish the journey.

One of the major problems organized religions have suffered with is dogma. Every major move in Christianity started out as a personal move and somebody organized it and made it dogma and rituals. Azusa Street is one good example. It is herald as a pilgrimage, many travel there for revivals, retreats, and conferences with expectation that something similar will happen as it did with William Seymour. Many people testify of an experience and many had nothing happen to them at all. The same thing happened with Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Paul and many others, their places of inspiration become pilgrimages for others, looking for similar experiences.

Do not deflate your energy by trying to explain your journey or have your journey fit into someone else’s. The journey you are on towards spirituality is inspired for you and it is not a community effort anymore. You are the whole organization structure by yourself; you are now the one who must learn the way. The path is unknown accept from within your being, the place of leading, perception and inspiration.

The language barrier is there for a purpose. Your journey towards spirituality is a journey of the soul; it is a journey towards relating to ultimate reality. Those realities will help settle you and position you in your life’s purpose.

You can have a dialogue but always be aware of turning your journey into dogma. Rituals and dogma can often be distractions. Your journey remains a journey because you stay true to the inspiration, innocence and purity of it; you stay on the path not because you intellectually understand it but because you remain inspired by it. Many times when we try to understand a thing with our intellect we are really trying to fit it into some sort of box or explanation for why we think about it the way we do. That is not necessarily the same concept used for spiritual journeys. The journey gives the impression that you are moving towards something, or in some sort of direction, however unknown it may seem.

Your journey towards spirituality is a journey of the spirit. Spirit is that which connects us to our ultimate origins, it is the knower of (the), entire place, one, it, and all, which knows where, when and why we are here. Spirit is that part of us that is of God and knows that it is never separated. There are many definitions for God or Spirit we will highlight a few:

1. A Personal God

2. Impersonal Transcendent Being

3. Source of All Existence

4. Immanent Within Each Person

5. Goal or Blessed State

6. Common Solidarity Which Works With A Single Purpose

7. Eternal Law

8. One Without Parts

9. Invisible

10. Sensed By The Inner Self

11. Universality of Moral Law

12. Glories of Creation

13. Nourisher

14. Formless

15. Unknowable

16. Void

17. Transcendent

18. Sovereignty

19. Power

20. Omniscience

21. The Knower

22. Unchanging Reality

23. Creator

24. Goodness

25. Divine Parent

If we are to be impacted by our journeys, we must engage it with a deeper level of understanding. The more personal the journey remains, the more meaning you will acquire from it. Otherwise, you will find yourself competing for others experiences that are not yours in the first place. Competitive spirituality is on the rise in organized traditions. You go into any house of worship and sit through a service and you cannot ignore the impact of the competitiveness in the atmosphere. There is more talking and singing going on in traditional houses of worship than transformational experience.

Transformation is experienced, and therefore personal in its affects. We must guard our motives; otherwise, we do ourselves a disservice by always engaging in meaningless dialogue on our journeys. We spend our energies trying to fit into organizational rituals that suppose to point you towards that which is without organization. We talk to much about what is only inspirationally understood.

When we translate the journey towards spirituality into letters and words and paragraphs, we limit the depth of the journey. We than limit our ability to comprehend the journey, most of the o9time we have already been programmed with meanings for those letters, words, and paragraphs and we become stuck in the meanings.

We fit our journey towards spirituality into a language cylinder and then we wonder why we get little out of the journey. We must learn the language of silence. Often this spiritual language is mistaken for a ritual, like meditation, contemplation, fasting, retreat, or extracurricular activity.

The language of silence is simply shutting up and shutting out. Do not be gullible. Shutting up opens you up and affords you opportunities of clarity, times to regroup and replenish your energy for the journey.

Your journey can be shared in silence by the passion and relentless effort you have for it. When you learn to personalize your journey, you will receive a personal experience from it.

Know why you want to take a journey towards spirituality. Know that you want to take the journey. Know that it is your journey and no one else’s. Be vigilant and persistent. Create your own private way of connecting to the inspiration of the journey, for example:

1. Take a walk in the park

2. Read a inspirational book

3. Sit in silence

4. Go boating

5. Climb a tree

6. Take a trip to a favorite place that inspires you

7. Get rid of negativity out of your life

8. Visit family and friends who inspire your life

9. Watch a inspirational movie or show

10. Meditate if that is your choice

11. Exercise: fast, slow, medium, whatever moves your spirit

12. Write (As I often Do)

Remember it is your journey and it is your sense of what is leading you. Follow your inner perceptions. Remember not to dogmatize or ritualize your journey because than you are no longer lead, your journey has pretty much become boxed.

I can respect the ideology of spiritual laws and enlightened souls and those who have taken spiritual paths and have wisdom to share. Each person achieved that wisdom on a personal journey. We share in their experiences and they become assembly line practices. However, they do not work for everybody.

We are and always will be evolving creatures on life’s journey. We will continuously unfold into new realities and new horizons. Our paths will continue to enlighten and that means greater understanding and meaning will unfold from that enlightenment.

Purification processes on the journey towards spirituality has to remain personal as well because what condemns you on your journey may enlighten me on minds. More about this subject will be forth coming. Nevertheless, we have lost the art of creativity and have become spiritual conformist. We try to look the same, worship the same, follow the same spiritual paths, act the same, purify ourselves the same way, everything is brought into a ritual nothing remains innocent and pure. We have lost the art of personal worship to what many organized religions call speaking the same thing, chanting, etc…

Let me say this, there is something to be said for community worship when you can remain an individual within the community. However, that is not necessarialy the norm, usually individualism is lost in community.

Some religious worship rituals include:

1. Images and Symbols,

2. The Eucharist,

3. Puja,(images of gods are worshipped with bathing, flowers, food offerings, etc..)

4. Fire Worship,

5. Veneration of Relics,

6. Peace pipes

These are some of the rituals used to assist in the worship of God in many world religions, just to name a few.

You must learn your God language and nurture it, it is that which speaks to your understanding and allow you the opportunity to expereince your journey in a way no one else can. I have purposely neglected the idea of spelling out a path for you because it is your journey and you must choose the path, only you can follow the leading within your being. I cannot “walk a mile in your shoes”. We can do many wonderful things today but we should not interfere with the spiritual climate of one another’s journey towards spirituality.

Rebecca Saxe did a speech at a TED conference in September called “How we read each other’s minds. She discussed how the brain thinks about other people’s thoughts—and judges their actions. While they are making head way in this discovery, how much of an impact or influence will this have on the future of organized worship? We have and still try very hard to control and manipulate one another; we need to contemplate this future impact and act accordingly. Soon you will be challenged to do things in organized religion without your permission as in any other communal activities

Three things we do alone, we are born alone, we worship alone and we die alone. None of these experiences can be shared they can be observed and analyzed but not shared. My connection to ultimate reality is always subjective and so is my understanding of that connection. When I try to explain it my explanation is always going to be subjective and the one listening filters it through their subjective understanding as well. It remains personal to the one sharing the experience and the one listening.

You will filteer this writing through your sunjective reality and that is how you will understand it. However the common understanding we have of the words used in this writing will give you some idea of what I am trying to share with you.

The wars within religion are always subjectively initiated. You cannot argue objective reality it is what it is, or what it is not. You are the point of filter. How we filter objective reality becomes the focus of arguments. Trying to get someone to understand our filtered reality reduces us to arguing about personal views. Political views are personal views. Spiritual views are personal views, national views are personal views, and global views are personal views. We can collectively share our views but they remain personal.

No politician on capital hill will ever really vote for your view they will always vote their conscience or their pockets. It is impossible to vote as a representative of the people, because the masses are individuals. Elections are manipulative instruments where you try to filter the majority needs and speak from that platform; this is how you win the votes.

This could be a problem to try to overcome or it could be a gift to advance and cultivate. However, we choose to filter our reality it will always remain ours, so will our “journeys towards spirituality”.

Always remember, “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good”. You are inspired to take your journey towards spirituality that is the only explanation you should concern yourself with. Trying to explain why you do what you do is as if trying to fit a misfit, while it can be done the gaps will never be completely filled.


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