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Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 8

Updated on February 1, 2013

Before I begin the latest article in this series, I want to thank you all for confirming what I always believed. Shiloh Part 7 had almost double the readers in half the time as compared to the other articles. What this tells me is that people want to believe. They want to believe but needed to know and understand how such a thing as ‘prophecy’ could co-exist in our modern age. Apparently, my genetic explanation has hit home with many of you and you can now deal better with many of the things I have been saying in this series. All I ask is that if you accept that God still sends messengers to supposedly save this world, that you then do your part by sending out these messages to everyone that you know and encourage them to read for themselves. Don’t be afraid that there will be those that will scoff at you for believing, ridiculing you for even having religious beliefs. I am certain there were many on board the Titanic that sneered in contempt and made fun of those that first ran along the deck shouting that the ship was about to sink. They chose to believe that their man-made creation of reinforced steel and secured bulkheads could withstand anything that nature could toss at them. They were wrong! Those that refuse to listen to you are Wrong as well!


As I write this article there are two discussions ongoing in the UN that you should be aware of. Both concern Israel. One is the condemnation of ‘illegal’ settlements in the Palestinian Occupied territories, and the other concerns a pre-emptive strike against a Syrian Chemical plant. Even though Assad’s Syrian forces have slaughtered 60,000 of his own people, displaced half a million, be aware that the rebels (armed by the West through Saudi middlemen) will do likewise because the concept of democracy is meaningless to them, a point which those like Barak Obama refuse to accept. And even though the proof of our Western foolishness is now rearing its ugly head in Egypt once more, where the Americans turned their backs on a Hosni Mubarak, a man who provided stability rather than the current chaos, our ignorance of the Middle Eastern mind will have disastrous consequences as we will soon see, Israel will still remain the primary target of the UN. The only existing democratic nation in the Middle East, rather than the Irans with their nuclear programs, the Libyas with their insurgencies and killing of American embassy staff, , the Indians and Pakistani whom just exchanged shots across their border last week, killing soldiers on either side. Why? Because Israel has one thing the others don’t: Jews! As the new American Secretary of Defence, Chuck Hagel stated, those Jewish Lobbyists are the cause of many problems in America and the world because they make Congress do "stupid things." These are the words from a man that is now sitting on the button that could wipe out a country in minutes, in a nation that is supposedly Israel’s best ally, and he’s talking about the threat of Jewish Lobbyists to world security. If the Jewish Lobby was as powerful as he’s suggesting, then the only stupid thing I can see they forced Congress to do was to permit it to approve an obvious ‘Anti-Semite’ into such a powerful position. And let us not make any mistake about it. A man in this position that makes a public statement that is condemning of a lobby that is solely representative of a specific ethnic group is a racist. No other ethnic group would tolerate such a public statement. No other group would accept the now post-damaging apology that Hagel has made saying that he did not actually mean what he said. Know this, and know this well; he meant every word that he said. We have experienced these people when they get into positions of power many times before in our history and we know the consequences. But all these events, I have seen, I have heard, and I know they must come to pass because they are all part of the message I was instructed to deliver. We are standing at the precipice, just as I have revealed in my earlier articles in the series. I know that for a fact because of certain things I will reveal in forthcoming articles. If you believe, if I have convinced you that prophecy does exist in today’s world, then help get the message out. For your own sake, we must try to save this world by lessening the degree of what is about to come. We may not be able to stop it but we can lessen its impact on our own lives by being forewarned.


Now that we have somewhat settled the issue on what constitutes the criteria for being a possible candidate for prophecy, and that it may have more to do with genetics than actual merit, then it’s time to move on to the concluding events of 1998. In this way, we can appreciate that the events of today have been steadily in development, (or decline depending on your perspective) for quite some time and that there is no randomness as one might assume but in fact, a sequential series of events following a specific pattern. This series of events did not occur over years, or decades but over many centuries and they had all been predicted and described in considerable detail. I had identified this sequence in an earlier article, , entitled the Final Battle, hoping that some of you would have seen it and passed on the information. Unfortunately, most chose to ignore it at that time, failing to see how this two thousand year old prophecy accurately described events in our history for the next two millennia. Not only did it describe them in detail, but it carefully choreographed each of the events as they affected the previous societal structure. As I mention in that article, why I was instructed in 1998 to read and then interpret the prophecy, I can only assume that the Lord had grown frustrated with our ignoring such an obvious warning of how the Middle East would decay and crumble.

If you haven’t done so, then read my article on the Final Battle. See how the prophecy is simply a Pesher that has accurately described our own history for the past two thousand years. My interpretation that I provide is how I was instructed to read it and how I was told to pass it on because you as a people have failed to read it for yourselves, even thought it has been readily available. Your religious leaders have discarded the original and labelled it apocalyptic nonsense. The Rabbis called it pseudopigrapha, corrupted by the followers of Yeshua, the Christians labelled it apocrypha and condemned it because it spoke of the dominance of Islam, Moreover, the Muslims labelled it as blasphemous because they knew it spoke of the end of their times, which would follow their initial success. An end to their forced expansion in a fiery holocaust. Written in a time before Christianity, before Islam, before nuclear annihilation, one must recognize that this was more than just the ramblings of some idle Jew with an overactive imagination, without any holy merit or sanction. This was written by someone that had been literally touched by the hand of God and every word was to be consumed and digested in order to prevent these developments from occurring. It was a forewarning to the Children of Israel that we would lose everything, our homes, our land, our heritage, if we did not take action. In their exuberance, the Christians assigned it to the one they called Barnabus, but they had no justification for doing so. Just as I described, on that August day the Lord said me, "Know this, son of Aaron, son of Zadok, I have set this time upon the lips of my prophets long ago, but your world will not listen. So heed the words of your ancestor, as he watched Jerusalem be laid to waste. For then I planted the seed within the womb of your birthing, and for fifty generations I have nursed it. Did I not say to him that your world has become like a new forest of trees planted in the valley. And the trees grew until the valley was pregnant with their shoots and impassable, surrounded by a wall of majestic mountains.” Those mountains that for so long walled us off from returning to our homeland, of regaining our heritage, or re-establishing our birthright. From the Pyrenees to the Urals, the Carpathians to the Tartarus Mountains, the Roman Empire spread, scattering our people to the wind, but even their majestic forest surrounded by mountains would not survive forever. A vine from which living waters flowed from its mouth, may have ultimately destroyed the forests of Rome but in the end its own waters became a flood that caused worse devastation than anything the conquests of Rome did. Yet, one lone cedar, a Cedar of Lebanon stood in the path of the ‘deathly’ waters and resisted the total dominance of the floodwaters. Trying to reverse the distortions, falsehoods and subsequent evil that had grown erroneously out of Christianity, Islam stood above those floodwaters, refusing to topple. Instead, it began to seed the valley until the new saplings could drain the waters, forcing them to recede and before long the wars raged between the waters and the saplings, each trying to claim the valley for their own


Whether you like to believe it or not, that war between the waters and the saplings has never ceased. It has been ongoing for 1300 years and it continues now even as you read this. But now the technology exists to bring that war to a new level, a far more dangerous, destructive and deadly level. People do not change. Their intents, desires and fanatical goals do not change. The only thing that changes is the manner in which they can achieve their end. Further events in 1998 and 2008 would not permit me to remain blind to what was occurring any longer. Just as I know that there are those of you out there that even without ‘visions’ are fully aware of what is occurring but considered yourself helpless to speak out. To do so earned you the scorn and abuse from others that were too busy playing games on their Ipads and Tablets to even concern themselves with the events that surrounded them. They are too entranced in their material induced haze to even wonder why there are currently more insurgencies and hotspots across the globe than ever before. If we cannot shake them out of their semi-comatose state, then the worst will happen. If we cannot make governments aware that we as a people will not agree to their foreign policies that support terrorism and insurrection then our complacency will condemn us. If we cannot turn people back on to a path of moral decency as ordained by God, then we will be victims of our own procrastination.

“Lamah Kanini, Avivu Ishu Sheltani” was whispered to me in an unknown dialect for a specific reason. It was to provide a time frame and a location. As I will reveal in my next article, I did eventually get it translated, but even then, it was a riddle that wasn’t answered until over ten years later.

The Journey Continues

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 5 years ago

      Shalom Bar Nafali. I believe we can still act with decency but as you suggest, we must not confuse decency with weakness. Decency can still be delivered with strength and with a righteous strong right hand but many have become confused by exactly what is decent, what is tolerable, and more importantly what is actually acceptable.

    • profile image

      BarNafali 5 years ago

      Common Decency? The world is not in lack of this attribute as you say brother. If any truth were to be said of this, the current worlds generation is leading all generations prior to it except one in this regard. Rather it is a lack of courage. Period. Likened to a once youthful warrior who now finds himself in an elderly diminishing state of strength and skill. He calculates and compromises where he would once have slayed, he pardons and rationalizes. This is our state today brother, if anything decency is our shame. As it flows not from compassion but fearful calculations and should be purged from our thought processes as such.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 5 years ago

      Well said, Shiloh. We can make a difference. If we all work for the common good, then we do become the light unto the world. It starts with one, then two, then four and so on. Spread the messages, get people involved, and let's make this world a better place. A messiah comes when all hope is lost. I refuse to believe that all hope is lost yet.

    • profile image

      Shiloh 5 years ago

      The bottom line is Avrom, is lack of common decency. For example in the world of religious Jews where I live, there is a call for common decency between people. The problem is complex because as soon as religion rears it's ugly head then its right back to the start. This goes for the Karaites too, if one disagrees with their interpretation or their own distorted knowledge of history, hatred of certain Jewish teachings that have been highly redacted by certain groups, the other person instantly is not ok, and even hated for all the wrong reasons. On the other hand, sealing their fate as in the story of Job, it was not Job who was punished by God.

      I have to say, there are incredibly decent people in every group of society. These must rise to the top, and flip the direction that the world is heading, showing common decency, but not like the bastardized NT teaching of turn the other cheek at your own demise . Forget about the apocolyptic scenarios, just to make it a better place to live anoung such difficult times.

      It is quite sad and bizarre that all the readers can't get involved in the conversation, I am sure they are afraid of being harassed by the 'powers to be', but being a decent human no one should be afraid of. Let Avrom find the person he is concerned with, but we can still comment, throw ideas around without fear. So what if a few hundred people can begin to make a difference in the feild of human decency. We don't need a messiah for that.


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