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Joys of Public Transportation - Week of the full moon

Updated on February 4, 2015

Already Late

I can only pass it off as a Full Moon day. It is the week of the full moon. These type of days strange things happen in my environment. On Tuesday, February 3, 2015 those strange things happened while trying to get to work via public transportation.

I hadn’t even got on the bus yet when the first situation occurred. There is just too much to this story, and it requires visuals, so click the video below and you will get this account.

The "Joy's" of missing my bus

Now the fun begans

Well, I am on the bus finally, and a few stops up the road a decent looking brown skinned bruthah gets on the bus. I glance to appreciate his caramel complexion and confident stride and I look away as he walks up the aisle but apparently not soon enough. Bro man proceeds to sit across the aisle from me and turn to face me and stare. I glanced over a couple of times in disbelief.

This is when the next weird incident happened. A few more stops down a young black girl with a serious west side white girl accent gets on the bus, talking on her mobile, in full conversation. Instead of sitting down, as there were plenty of seats available, she goes and stand right in front of, just about knee to knee, with the man that was staring at me. At this point, I am ready to start laughing out loud like a crazy person.

Really starting to miss this antique.


Branding the people

I will call the girl on the phone College Student and the man staring at me, Stalker. Now Stalker didn’t stray from trying to get my attention, even though College Student in front of him was having an animated phone conversation as though she was at home, gossiping about everyone's business that she knew. Being annoyed with this woman as was most of us on the bus, I’m sure, he proceeds to speak audibly his irritation toward College Student. He wasn’t rude or loud, but Stalker saw it as his duty to let her know, just loud enough so that I could hear, and, of course, the student. His mocking her conversation generated two appreciative smiles from me, but I was certain, not to direct them where he could see.

Finally, College Student took the hint and found a seat to continue her loud conversation, to entertain all the passengers. Stalker could now return his full attention back to annoying me. The height of annoyance is when he starts sucking his teeth to get me to look at him. Uuggh.

Stalker's stop came many stops before mine and he got off the bus. I sighed with relief and enjoyed the rest of the first bus ride to work. You read right, there is a second bus I have to catch to work after this one. This bus ride stretches across 2 universities and 2 major hospitals and is called the Healthline. I have personally dubbed it the Deathline.

So, it’s time to board the bus, and I stand aside to allow the many students off. There was a well dressed dark skinned bruthah smoking a cigarette. He had a mustache and wore a felt fedora with his slate grey peacoat, and he reminded me of my Uncle Skipper. He had an intense look on his face, but he was way chill, even nodding for me to go ahead and board the bus ahead of him.

He didn’t take a seat but decided to stand. This turned out, not to be such a good idea for him, because when the bus pulled off he lost his balance and nearly fell. After trying to ride standing for a few minutes longer, he took a seat in the row directly behind me. He was a very quiet passenger that merely stared out the window.

We arrived at the E. 55th Street stop, which happened to be the Uncle Skipper look alike’s stop. That’s when I noticed his poor balance was due to being inebriated. He had a thermos he was holding, and I could now smell what he was drinking. Drunk before noon he was. The cold must revitalized him because he walked down the bus platform with the fast stride and swagger of a 1970’s pimp.

Now I know you’re thinking that all this could not possibly occur on a one-way trip to work in one morning. I kid you not, it did. There are at least one or two days a month with adventures this day was full of. Some days I’m extremely in tune with eccentric people, but most days I try not to even notice people and simply read a book as I travel. Trust, when riding public transportation, you’re better off that way.


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