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Judge Say's Hang Killer - Killer say's Ask another Judge.

Updated on February 19, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Killer can Come to this Court by due proces.

Hang him Judge says after one year.

Even after one year a very short period to get Ajmal Kasab the terrorist from Pakistan who killed men,women and children and was finaly caught by a brave police man who got himself killed by this terrorist AK47 Riffel barrel was prounced guilty  and to be hanged without mercy is NOT HANGED.He can get another Judge to say yes you got to be hanged.That is the provision under our LAW left by the British left as it is by the desis who copied their LAW.

The whole country rejoyced the judgement and now we sit looking at the wall what else is written for the killer to sit and enjoy the food he gets tasted by another killer or a poor jail policeman to see he is not poisend in the prison.Our Jails are indeed 5 star jails,they get the best veh or non veg food,with some adjestments further perks like home food with more adjustments in cash more cashless comforts,with further more adjustments home food and so on till you can even visit your family also.

There was a case when the Chief Minister of Delhi released a multi millionier on bail who was found in a PUB and when the MEDIA published his photo the prisiner rushed himself to the jail and was allowed to enter his cell with out further mentioning of this by media.

The 26 / 11 killer will be in jail till some body gets him out or kills him.


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