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What Century are we in?

Updated on February 3, 2011

I thought we were in the 21st century

Shouldn’t we be moving forward?  Not backward.  Rep. LaVar Christensen announced he wants to represent a bill in congress to make sure gays do not receive publicly funded tax dollars because the norm that Americans desire are married families of a man and a woman.

I’m shocked that a man can sit on a pedestal in today’s world and make a bold statement and shocked even more that this tyranny is tolerated and accepted.  Now, not everyone agrees, thank goodness.  But the fact that the man was brave enough to say it out loud like it’s no big deal and expecting everyone to be proud of him makes my skin crawl.

Just because I’m gay, I don’t deserve a fair trial

It saddens me that not only does this mean a public statement made by today’s congressman that is so outrageously prejudiced against one kind of people can be made still today and not only not suffer a public backlash but that he can stay in congress to keep making his own laws.  He proudly states that we are all unwanted if we are not married as a man and woman that is the, according to him, acceptable norm.  I’m afraid if this becomes the norm, I may never be able to get a fair trial for unrelated crimes committed in my vicinity.  Would I be arrested and charged just because I’m the nearest person and I’m gay?  Is that the direction we’re headed in?  Could I get a fair trial by my peers?  If this trend continued, could someday all gays be jailed just for being gay?

I would have thought we entered into an age of brighter and forward thinking individuals

Just because I’m gay, I support gay marriage, right?  Well, maybe.  I think all people are equal and if the God spoken in the Bible is true and the Word of God is true, then thou shall not judge me or bring upon unfair laws of man but love and care for all that are under God and His creatures.  After all, let the first one without sin be the first person to throw the stone.  Judge not and let God judge while you are NOT an angel of God but only his follower.  Live by example and not a fist of damnation unto the hells of the earth where no man (or woman) can feel unsafe under the law of man.

A lot of people use their religion as their sin

All the preaching in the bible tells of how to be tolerant and forgiving; loving and peaceful.  Yet, people twist the words to suite themselves and the way they want to live.  Translate how you want to live your life and preach hate and intolerance of those you hate.  The exact sin you preach is your willingness to believe all sinners are those that don’t follow you.  Your craving for superior self righteousness makes you dishonest and dangerous.  Your only truth is what you believe yourself to be and you justify yourself by twisting the words in the Bible.  Keep reading and listen with an open mind to what is truly written and not what you want to be written there.  God teaches love, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance and that He will be thy final judge.  The problem is, you are so blinded by all of your Bible talk, you don’t see that you are delivering a message of hate and judgment that, you, yourself will be called upon by God to be judged on your judgment day. 


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    • nextstopjupiter profile image


      7 years ago from here, there and everywhere

      I think that many politicians are still living in the 18th or 19th century. Thanks for this hub!


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