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Judging individuals for the accomplishments separate from their actions

Updated on August 20, 2010

Judging individuals for their accomplishments is something that should take place. Today however, this does not always occur as some people are penalized for actions unrelated to their accomplishments. This is wrong. Many individuals have made great strides in many segments of our country and they should be recognized for their contributions. There should be penalties when actions taken have an impact on achieving their accomplishments. However, if there is no relationship there should be no hindrance or restriction in giving proper recognition for what has been achieved.

Our country is a great country and we constantly recognize the achievement of individuals and this is right and proper. There are many individuals who have achieved much in their lives by their participation or involvement in such areas as sports, corporate management, television and movies. There are and have been many individuals who have earned our respect for what they have accomplished but sometimes the decisions they have made keeps us from recognizing their accomplishments in the proper setting. This situation appears to not be consistent across the board. It is fine to establish principles but these principles should be consistent throughout society regardless of who the individual is and what they have accomplished.

Individuals should not be penalized for their actions if they have no bearing on what they have achieved. Individuals should be recognized for their accomplishments but sometimes their actions and decisions they have made cause us to see them in an unfavorable light. This involves the principle of respect. We can respect an individual for what they have accomplished but not respect them for their actions. There are several awards presented each year to recognize individuals for their achievements regardless of their actions as individuals. Some examples are the Oscar for movies, the Emmy for television, Golden Globe for achievement in entertainment and the Tony for achievement in Broadway. The key point that I am trying to make is that the requirements for being presented these awards have nothing to do with their actions as individuals. This is how it should be in all areas of society.

Individuals who participate in sports also have various awards or recognition opportunities. Sports such as baseball, hockey, tennis, bowling and others have methods to recognize achievements of individuals and this recognition should be consistent when it is performed and when it is not. Each of the sports identified above have rules that must be followed but these rules should not penalize the actions of individuals when they have no bearing on what they have accomplished. Granted there are times when individuals make bad decisions but these decisions should be separate from their accomplishments in what they bring to the plate whether it is in a sport or in the corporate world. I am not saying that there are times when individuals should be penalized only that the penalties should be separate from their accomplishments. I applaud all the areas of awards mentioned who recognize individuals for their accomplishments and not their actions.

Recognizing individuals for their accomplishments is important. Accomplishments do not have to be anything major but such as those identified earlier. Accomplishments can be such things as making the Dean’s list at college, graduating from college and inventions that make a difference. The important thing to remember is that we are human and by this very nature we make mistakes. Our mistakes should not keep us from being recognized for our accomplishments. One last point to make is that when they are made and the individual learns from them they can be a force to keep others from making the same mistakes. The opportunities to recognizing individuals for their accomplishments are as varied as the opportunities. Recognition should be consistent across the board in all areas of society and if they are not the rules or policies for recognizing certain accomplishments need to be changed.


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