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Julian Assange Founder Of WikiLeaks: A Master Manipulator And Showman

Updated on September 27, 2012

I have to admit I don't know the laws concerning the leaking of American diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks. I actually detest the founder, Julian Assange but has he broken any laws? I don''t think so, unless you count the rape charges against him in Sweden.

Julian Assange is, by all intent and purposes, a hypocritical, buffoon full of self-importance and an ego that would fill the deepest ocean. What did he exactly reveal in those diplomatic cables?

Julian holds himself up to be a crusader of truth and freedom that only openness can accomplish. Of course, that doesn’t apply to his own organization clouded in secrecy, WikiLeaks. Assange tells us the secrecy is needed to root out the evil and find the truth in other organizations. That being said, we have no idea of the real agenda of WikiLeaks, they would prefer we take them at their word.

Let's get back to exactly what WikiLeaks found. Julian, played his audience like a fiddle, promising earth shattering secrets and espionage in the days leading up to the leaked cables. His intent was to embarrass the United States and other major governments by revealing conspiracies and unethical actions taken by world governments.

The Great And Powerful Julian

Actually I remember a circus atmosphere with some individuals holding their breath on what would be revealed while others had a gleam in their eye while the ring master, Julian Assange basked in the glory he thought was his. What he revealed was mostly mundane diplomatic cables between embassies and the United States government. Routine battle action reports were also included in the leaks from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Did he embarrass the United States government? Yes but not in the ways he anticipated.

Instead of uncovering plots and conspiracies, the cables leakes described personalities and the general thoughts on different world leaders by American embassy staff. Like a juicy tabloid to some..

Yes, there were hurt feelings and the United States was embarrassed by some of the leaked cables, but lets keep one thing in mind. All embassies from all nations try and get “reads” on the different leaders they have to deal with. It's just not an American thing. Can we imagine if all cables from all governments were leaked tomorrow?

Actually, even those newspapers and reporters that hoped to get a “scoop” from the leaked cables grudgingly admitted that many of the cables put America in a good light, upholding American principles in secret cables between embassies and the United States government.

The trouble with Assange and his ilk, they relate secrecy to all things bad and evil. I remember reading about a famous statesman that was quoted as saying “no peace treaty has ever been negotiated without secrecy.”

Julian believes his organization cannot work without secrecy but doesn’t believe world powers should also have a right to secrecy. If he did hold that belief then his own organization, WikiLeaks would become irrelevant.

Here is where the blame goes. It is almost a sure thing that Army private first class Bradley Manning passed thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks. I, with most Americans were shocked that someone in such a low rank could put their hands on so many classified documents. The blame falls directly on the military and Bradley Manning. He is all of 24, was younger when he stole the classified documents. His age has nothing to do with any of this. He strikes me as an immature little kid, not someone that took an oath to his government and his branch of service.

Yes, I do have experience and can relate. I was younger then Mr. Manning as part of a Marine detachment on a Naval base that had a mission of receiving and decoding foreign transmissions. This was many years ago but the majority were the same age as Manning and everyone took their oath seriously.

I can't imagine anyone at that time deciding that they knew better then the government on what should be secret and what should not.

We now have Mr. Assange holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy (a country known to infringe on free speech) in London to evade rape charges in Sweden under the pretext of being unfairly tried in the United States over the leaked cables, should he leave the embassy grounds.

Manning is in a military brig. These two really deserve each other. I think justice would be served by putting the both of them in a room with only themselves for company for the next year. Each could espouse to each other how they, and only they alone, are the great defender of freedom and speech. I think it would be great fun to see which one cracks first and admits on being a fraud.


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    • wmhoward4 profile image

      William A. Howard IV 5 years ago from Baltimore Maryland (USA)

      Some information is illegal to obtain and pass on. For example, if someone gets into your medical files and sells or publishes it, that is illegal and a violation of federal privacy laws. The same goes for child pornography. Free speech arguments fall short here as well.

      A nation must have deterrents to its national security secretes being taken the way Bradly Manning did. If there are no consequences, the unfree tyrant nation will prevail over us. Then no one will have freedom of anything.