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Jury Duty Sucks

Updated on May 7, 2012

Jury duty is the worst thing ever thought up. I just got back from popping my jury duty cherry and that was the longest most tortuous boring 8 hours of my life (thank god I didn't get picked to stay longer). Not only is it a waste of time and super boring, you get paid a measly 5$. 5$?! You should get paid minimum hourly wage for every hour you waste of your life being there. So instead of getting a whopping 5$ check mailed to me I should get approximately 50$. I'm not kidding! I've never endured a more painful boring 8 hours in my life, besides the fact when you're really hungover its a lot worse! I haven't read a book in ages, and I read the entire "Assholes Finish First" by Tucker Max. Granted the book was hilarious and I'm glad I read it but I could have done much more productive things today; go to the gym, look for a decent summer job, get some household things done, relax. Anything would have been better than that torture! Not to mention I ran out of my aciphex (medicine for heartburn acid reflux) and I was burping up hot acid all day, no tums at my disposal, no medicine, no relief just pain and misery all day. I would have rather watched a WNBA dunk contest. Regardless, I don't even feel like I accomplished anything! I went there literally to sit for 8 hours with a bunch of strangers, I didn't even get to play a factor in any court cases! What the heck! At least give me moment to shine and make the world a better place. (I'm exaggerating the excitement of jury duty cases I know) Anyway, I'm so glad I don't have to do that wretched routine again for another three years, and hopefully next time when I call to report the night before my number is excused from attending. On a good note I got a 90$ rebate visa giftcard from my bausch and lomb contacts! So that's a plus! Anyway, I guess that's all I got, Jury duty sucks.

No that is not me in the video, and I didn't even watch the video yet, I just youtubed "Jury duty sucks" hopefully it came up with a decent rant and not some tool.


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      6 years ago

      In a democratic society, where the power is "supposed" to be derived from the people, the people are the last check in our system of checks and balances.

      For instance Grand Juries generally speaking, have omnipotent powers of investigation, and also have the right to submit to the legislature recommendations on how the law should be changed.

      Petite juries do not have the same broad powers that a Grand Jury has, however both juries have the right to nullify.

      Jury nullification is the power of the people to determine whether the law should be the law, and have the right to trump legislation that is unpopular with the people.

      Unfortunately, juries are usually not instructed properly, and the full breadth of their rights are lost.

      Take advantage of the opportunity to change the law and nullify!!


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