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Just A Handshake Away...Times Millions.

Updated on December 8, 2009

Just A Handshake Away....... Times Millions.



In our world full of hunger,
torn by war and man's hate,
full of anger and envy,
there is no time to wait.

Always choosing the wrong
kind of arms to release,
not shells spent, simply fingers,
hands extended bring peace.

Start with your limbs
s t r e t c h e d outward,
to all downtrodden souls,
share your wealth with the needy,
let their hopes be your goals.

Vote out those who impede us,
with politics of greed,
find fresh minds who will lead us,
to a peace that succeeds.

Get involved, make an effort,
let what's prejudiced die,
find a want and then fill it,
without questioning why?

The further we reach out,
the closer we'll be,
to a world that astounds us,
with its sweet harmony.



Yesterday I met a man

looking kind of sad,

we sat and talked together

about the problems that we had,

I was surprised at the amount

of help that I could lend,

we left that place together

and that man is now my friend.


In a world that's full of people

is this so much to ask

forget your little differences

and help complete this task,

fill your life with friendliness

chase out the hate and fear,

and then instead of ugly words,

this is what you'll hear.


"Hello sir, glad to meet you,

isn't this a wondrous day,

since folks are much more friendly

and the hate has gone away,

Excuse me sir but I must go,

I hope you'll understand,

cause over there is someone sad

who needs a helping hand.



Just say hello

and watch the

kindness flow.



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