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Just Another Damned Christmas In Iraq And Afghanistan.

Updated on November 21, 2010

Just Another damned Christmas In Iraq And Afghanistan!

on December 13, 2007 © -MFB III






"Sandy Claws" will emerge
from vast chimneys of smoke,
bearing gifts of flame and death
shattered cries and final breaths
as young troops get tagged and bagged
and make it home before......... Christmas.

All boxed up tight and neatly wrapped
then sealed beneath red, white and blue
they'll be laid lovingly to rest
under pine trees in Arlington
where they'll remain as honored guests.

Many more stockings will be filled
at least three times a week with dread,
with one whole foot and then one stump
as crippled twenty-something boys
on crutches hobble off to bed.

More troops sent to Afghanistan
while others remain to maintain
the busy bases in Iraq,
palm trees will be their tannanbaums,
hung with the pain that war will fetch
strung with tracers and bits of flesh

Insurgents will be packaging
little surprises...then they'll lay them
on pathways marked for detonation.

Oh..."Little Towns Of Death-Mayhem!"
how very still young boys will lie
above thier deep and dreamless sleep
as all their silenced souls fly by.

More tiny babies will be burned
far beyond any recognition
so many washed in bitter tears,
then swaddled with such tenderness
by grieving mothers searching for
their infants lost in acts of war,
Wailing in grief, " What child is this?"

As Haliburton plays the Grinch,
their name changed for the holidays,
to Holly-burned 'em, pennies pinched
like Scrooge they''ll overcharge what's paid
for soldier's dinners Christmas Day.

As God/Allah sits on his throne
and drops his shoulders, bent with shame
at what is called a holy war
with both sides killing in his name.....

Of course before the time of Christ
they were still fighting way back then
along the Tigris.... in Bagdad
where now their bagging Dads again.

He died to give all men free will
a choice between evil and peace,
yet many choose to kill each other,
and willingly cause hearts to cease.

How many more Americans,
and innocent Iraqi's too
plus children of the Afghan tribes
must fall before this war is through.

Perhaps some Christmas may at last
bring home our boys from death and pain,
and end our counts of who's been slain.
With joy they'll fly across the skies,
shouting "Hooorah's, freed from war's feast,
on jet fueled sleighs bearing the prize,
of temporary gifts of peace.

When endless wars share "Silent nights,
as boys wing home in final flights
and all across this troubled Earth
peace like the Christ child will find birth
far in the distant daze ahead
when love at long last brings.....release,
with all our troops at home in bed
where they will "Sleep in heavenly peace."

But as for now we'll have to wait
and face a hapless holiday
where many souls will meet their fate
caught in the ugliness of hate,
Upon some distant foreign shore
in one more cruel season of war.

"Merry Christmas, and perhaps a Happier New Year.....
Peace to you and yours always."

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
MFB III Productions



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    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 7 years ago from On the edge

      Incredible, insightful and so very sad and true. Forever changed and never whole they will someday return. I loved two who changed so in Nam they beat themselves and me unmercifully and couldn't care why.

    • jandee profile image

      jandee 7 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      Brilliant ! I loved it and just wish everybody could read it,best from jandee.

      Maybe Women should say 'enough' to their sons???

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Beautiful and 'they' are still there.When are we going to say,"enough"?

      God Bless

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Semper Fi my BrotherMan.

      We'll fight on against all war.

      As diligently as we can,

      Let's sing "War No More!"

      Let freedom ring,

      Let's all sing,

      "What war, what for?"

      Endless wars are what they bring,

      And it is not to allow freedom to ring!

      It's so the few can dress so formal,

      And business will be as normal.

    • Sa`ge profile image

      Sa`ge 7 years ago from Barefoot Island

      Truth stings and I hope people read and learn. Well done my friend, well done. if only people would understand, you say it so plain:

      "As God/Allah sits on his throne

      and drops his shoulders, bent with shame

      at what is called a holy war

      with both sides killing in his name."

      Peace and love my brother!.:D hugs :D