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Just When You Think Government Could Not Mess Up Again They Print "KKK" On The New $100 Bill!

Updated on November 8, 2013
Not a photograph of what you actually see but close to what it looks like.
Not a photograph of what you actually see but close to what it looks like. | Source

Unbelievable except it is the government!

I went to the bank and asked if they had one of the new 100 dollar bills to have a look at the new design and security features and when I started looking at it I became shocked to see the government decided to commemorate the Klu Klux Klan in the new one hundred dollar bills. My eyes made a bee line for the new holographic blue and white strip security feature on the bill that has semi -3d images of Liberty bells if you look at it at one angle and images of "100" looking at it from another direction and then if you turn it on it's side in either of the other two directions the stylized letter K's start to appear. WTF? I looked at over and over again and yes they do display KKK on the bills. Then I held the bill to the light to look at the Benjamin Franklin Water mark and immediately noticed the image of Benjamin was not the same one in the center of the bill. It looked familiar but then it did not quite look like Benjamin Franklin. I started to think where I had seen that image before. It looks a lot like the Nazi instruction book on how to identify the noses of Jewish rats if you remember that cartoon it is right there in the official watermark! Is this a joke ? A counterfeit bill? No It's our glorious self righteous government at work doing the very best it can do.

The lettering style of the letters K is somewhat gothic but it also is familiar looking . Very reminiscent of the Letter K on some Kosher products you find in any grocery store. What was the government thinking?

If you happen to get a chance to see the new 100 dollar bill take a look and you will be amazed just as I was.


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    • The Lex Blog profile image

      The Lex Blog 4 years ago

      Maybe it is a KKK series bill? It is later than the KKK:

    • profile image

      Lex 4 years ago

      It is hidden on the bill. look at the holographic blue security strip that runs down the face of the bill. you should see liberty bells or 100s there. Then you turn the bill and look at the holographic strip and the KKK starts to appear on the holographic blue strip .the Ks look like Kosher food symbol Ks.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Who thinks the government could not mess up again? If that were in a poll you'd get 110% saying they could.

      But I can't find any reference to KKK being on the new 100 bill - where did you see that? I doubt very much that it is true - did you make this up?