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Justice delivery system in India!

Updated on September 27, 2014

Corrupt politicians!

Judicial delays in India enables criminals to escape!

In justice delivery system, India lags behind many Western countries. Had there been quick disposal of cases against politicians, India would have gained much of its glory. Only in the recent few years, Supreme Court has taken the cudgel to pronounce monumental judgment against political leaders and other influential leaders. Many may dub this as ‘judicial overreach’, but there must be some mechanism to arrest the moral degradation. Corruption has become so universal; there is no field where corruption is absent. But when politicians caught the limelight in corruption related offences, they adopt many strategies to escape from the laws of the land. Unless there is conviction and punishment, politicians will sell the entire country to foreigners. We have a glorious culture and tradition. Because of some individuals who become greedy after coming to power, they should be watched and tried for corruption. Also, there should be some time limit to finalize such cases. In the case of one of the Chief Minister of India, it took nearly eighteen long years to deliver a judgment. Government had incurred an expenditure of five crores to conduct the case and to bring the culprits to books. It is high time that the law enforcement agencies take special care to conduct the cases against politicians within a fixed time frame and they should be convicted without fail.

We have many such cases in India where politicians blatantly go around the laws to amaze wealth disproportionate to their income. But none of them have been convicted so far. Many politicians escaped from the clutches of law by aligning with the authorities and they are enjoying all the facilities attached to their posts. Many commissions were constituted to try them. But, mysteriously at the ‘nth hour, they made some political compromises and escaped trial. People easily forget the past when the election time approaches. The wicked politicians are eulogized as an honest fellow and people vote him blind folded. Especially, during coalition regimes in the Center, such regional parties blackmail the main party to accommodate them in plus portfolios. The result is evident. Misuse of powers was rampant in those cases and they were booked in different cases and underwent prison terms also. Somehow, they got bail and the cases are under trial. Like the conviction of today, they too will face the music one day. None can escape from blatant financial malpractices. People have not learned their lessons in spite of several elections. Again and again, they vote corrupt politicians and bring them to power. What is the use of crying later? As on today, most of the political bigwigs in India are utterly corrupt and they do not follow any principles. One by one, the misuse of power is coming to the limelight. But, it will take many more years to bring those culprits to book.

But in the recent past, we have seen that many powerful bureaucrats are booked and arrested. Many business tycoons were arrested and are being tried. But what about the money, cheated by them. It is public money. Many middle class people get shares in those companies and lose their entire investment. The Banks which have offered loans to such bigwigs are at a loss to recover their loan dues. Bankruptcy is the reason. How to recover the huge loans from such people? It is the headache of investigating agencies, to trace the trail of black money. Though the public are aware of the frauds committed by several such hoax companies, they go on investing in markets foolishly. The government has to tighten the financial regulations, lending rules to big companies and strict enforcement of laws. Only an honest and transparent administration, an honest political party leader with a team of ministers who are impeccable in character alone can change the contour of the country as well as the world.

In ancient days, Kings were aided by many wise advisors and preceptor, who used to give sage advice to the king in the administration of Kingdom. Also the ancient culture of the land was preserved at all cost. Traditions were followed strictly. From villages to towns, people adopted morality and honesty in all dealings. We have lost our traditions and cultures due to the ingress of western cultures. Hence many sages and saints have taken birth in this land to wean the people away from the attractions of wealth and property. At this juncture, I remember Swami Ramakrishna, Ramana maharishi, Kanchi Periyava who lived a life of humbleness and in frugal way. They never cared for wealth or fortune; they never cared for body and comforts and always lived most selflessly caring for the common man. The world today needs such saintly personalities to lead the man kind to Truth and Reality of life.


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