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Justice for Baby Brianna

Updated on April 10, 2017


First and foremost I apologize for a late update regarding this case, I have been extremely busy. It has come to my attention that as of September, 2016 Stephanie Lopez has been released from prison after serving only 13 out of the 27 years she was given for her part in the brutal murder of her 5 month old daughter, Brianna Lopez, otherwise known as Baby Brianna. A community is mortified following Lopez release from prison, saying it is a miscarriage of justice.

It is said that Lopez has been transferred to Texas, presumably to assume a new identity. Why should a person convicted in the brutal killing of a 5 month old baby be awarded a fresh start? Why is her life valued so much higher than the life she failed to protect? The bottom line? Justice needs to be served and as long as this monster is walking the street, it never will.

When a child is born, most parents look down at their little creations with a warm smile on their faces and love in their heart knowing that they had just brought a human being into this world. As infants begin to grow, most parents are left with a sense of accomplishment that they have done their best to help their children grow. For some children however, they are robbed of the opportunity to grow, to learn, to feel, and to live in a world filled with love. Imagine, being a mother and watching your infant being thrown around the house before she is violently raped by her father and uncle and doing nothing about it. Imagine the fear, the anxiety, the hopelessness that poor infant felt as the people in her life that were supposed to love and protect her did the complete opposite.

The Background of the Case

On July 19, 2002 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, 19-year old Stephanie Lopez, 19-year-old Steven Lopez, and 21-year-old Andrew Walters started their morning out like they did every day. Mommy dearest, questioned the two gentlemen about the bruises on her daughter, but said nothing when they claimed they were just a little rough on the child the night before. Stephanie admits that she ignored the child's injuries and that she did not hear the child screaming the night before as she was asleep after consuming a few beers. That same morning baby Brianna needed a diaper change which gave the child's father the opportunity to sexually assault the child by wrapping his finger with a diaper wipe and inserting it into the child's anus before sodomizing her with foreign objects.

Upon seeing the child near death, mother of the year decided that she would wait a few hours before calling for help. When help was finally called, Lopez claimed her daughter fell out of her high chair, thinking that someone would actually believe that ridiculous story. At about 11:00 pm the night of the 19th, baby Brianna was pronounced dead at the hospital, she was only 5-months old.

Baby Brianna Was Tortured

Baby Brianna suffered a horribly painful death as authorities realized quickly that the baby had been abused on several occasions. The autopsy report concluded Brianna had suffered a laundry list of injuries, including 11 human bite marks which were noted to be in various different stages of healing. Brianna suffered from bruises, multiple rib fractures, three skull fractures, signs of shaken baby syndrome which included swelling of the brain. The injuries failed to stop there however, it is reported that the young child suffered from fractures to both legs as well which is consistent with jerking the child when she was being picked up.

Through various reports and confessions by family members, it seems that everyone was involved in the biting and pinching of this innocent child. The uncle of the baby admitted to throwing the child in the air, watching her hit her head off of the ceiling before watching her fall to the ground in agony, while mommy slept in the other room, sleeping off the beer she drank that night. Andrew Walters admitted that he fell asleep shortly after midnight, unaware of where baby Brianna was until he awoke at 3 in the morning and found her on the floor near the bed. Walters then claimed he picked the child up, wrapped her in a blanket and placed her in her bouncer, but says the baby was conscious and crying.

The Outcome

Baby Brianna was a gorgeous 5 month old baby who was born into a life of sheer and utter chaos. Born to a mother that showed very little interest in the well being and the care of the child, she recruited the help of her twin brother and her child's father to commit one of the most horrendous crimes imaginable. This case marks one of the most outlandish cases of child abuse I have ever covered in my writing career, almost making me physically ill as I read each new development in the case. Nothing made me more sick to my stomach than reading the outcome of this case in black and white across my computer screen. Baby Brianna's own mother, the woman who carried her in her womb for 9 months, the woman who gave birth to her, was supposed to love her, take care of her, was handed down a 27 year sentence for standing back and doing nothing while her infant was tortured and sexually assaulted by her own family members. Mommy's twin brother was given 51 years in prison for his role in the death of his niece, while baby Brianna's father received 57 years. Lopez, her twin brother and the baby's father were not the only one's involved in this case, for the baby's own grandmother and second uncle received 60 days in jail for their role in the case. six people lived in that house with baby Brianna and yet not one of them took the time to protect her from the painful and horrible death she suffered by the hands of the people in her life that were supposed to be there to love and protect her.

The Murder Of Baby Brianna

Should Stephanie Lopez receive parole?

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An Update

Stephanie Lopez received a 27 year prison sentence for standing back and doing nothing while her twin brother and her child's father beat and sexually assaulted her daughter, which ultimately led to the death of her 5 month old daughter Brianna, more commonly called baby Brianna in 2002. Controversy and petitions have been started all over the internet asking for the immediate revocation of Stephanie Lopez's parole, which she will become eligible for in 2016, after serving a little over a decade of her 27 year sentence, while her counterparts remain locked behind bars for another decade to come. The question remains, should mommy of the year be let out on parole after standing back, and doing nothing to protect the innocent life she brought into this world? Did Stephanie Lopez have more to do with the death of her innocent child than she led on? Was the sentence she was given in the end way to light for the type of death her child suffered? These are the questions I would like each of my readers to answer, and when you do I hope you answer them with an open mind, a heavy heart and remove all the hatred from your voice, for little Brianna has suffered enough.

© 2015 Amanda Seaton


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    • profile image

      Rhonda Mae Coats 3 weeks ago

      They all should get the death penalty, but first they should have done to them what they did to that little angel but worse , I can’t even imagine what that baby went through my heart breaks for her R.I.P. my sweet angel you are in a place where no one can hurt you again my lord and savior has you now .

    • profile image

      michelle 3 months ago

      Cynthia- Are you serious? This angel was abused horrifically and you want to make the mother a victim too?! Any real mom worth anything would die before allowing this to happen. I couldn't sit back for 5 months and be " too scared cat" to say nothing! She better not come to my city. If i recognize her I will tell the world what she has done.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 7 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I remember this story :(

    • techygran profile image

      Cynthia 7 months ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      A grizzley story to say the least, and very difficult to read. In my experience in working with women who have been abused, it is quite likely that Stephanie herself was the victim of similar atrocities throughout her life, and probably during the assaults on her child she was threatened by the two men. I cannot think of any other reason anyone without PTSD would allow their infant to be so treated.

    • profile image

      Slim86 7 months ago

      She should have never got off that easily. How can any law allow those bastard not to get life without the possibility of parole. They don't even deserve to still have air in their rotten souls. She needs to be put back in jail for the rest of of sick as life. No child killers or abuser should ever be allowed to enter society again. That isn't fair to baby Brianna. Continue to Rest in Heaven baby girl.

    • profile image

      Annie 8 months ago

      They all need to rot in jail for the rest of their lives and then burn in hell forever

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 9 months ago from California

      I found out about this case in 2014. It literally brought me to my knees in sorrow. It changed my family too, so strongly that a group of us decided to participate in a balloon release for her birthday. Targeting teens in my community to learn about early intervention, child abuse and domestic violence prevention. I was surprised how many teen, from both genders marched with us to the ceremony that Valentine's Day back in 2014. We also remembered those children that found death from their own parents, almost 200 names( just in that past year) . People know, And the anger still there but, if anything this monstrosity helped to uncover an ugly truth in our communities. Children are being put in danger and the price for this doesn't match the crime.

    • profile image

      Laura Flores 9 months ago

      This monster should never have been given such a lenient sentence, nor let out of prison! She doesn't deserve any of the privileges Brianna was denied. She is a heartless monster and has no remorse!

    • profile image

      Gigi 9 months ago

      I don't think she should've been allowed to have a new identity. It should have been mandatory that she be sterilized to keep this from happening to another child. Unfortunately, it didn't end there for this beautiful baby girl. No one claimed her body. The towns people got together bought her a casket and head stone for a child that never knew love. These kind strangers mourn her and brought flowers. The family of monsters had a cage erected around this grave so no one could leave flowers.

    • profile image

      Harlee 9 months ago

      The mother definitely belongs in prison for the rest of her life! It's wrong of what she did to this innocent baby. Prison for life is what she needs!

    • profile image

      KristinaB1986 9 months ago

      I can't believe she is out of prison. She needs to have her tubes tied so she can't have another kid. I don't understand why mother's don't give the baby up for adoption. If you know you don't want the baby then give her to a family that does. She needs to be brutally murdered like that poor innocent baby. Hopefully the men that did this to the baby get what they deserve in prison. Rip baby girl

    • ISASAASS profile image

      Amanda Seaton 10 months ago from Wisconsin

      I agree that women get far less times for crimes, no matter what they are. I also agree she was no mother, she was abd is a monster. She shouldnt see the light of day, let alone start her life over.

    • profile image

      John 10 months ago

      The sentences for crimes that are committed in this country carry a certain number of years mandatory you must serve and minimum you must serve. If you search you will find across the board that women in general get less time and serve less time than their male counter parts convicted of the same crimes.

      I can say without any hatred in my voice or heart that this woman is anything but a mother. She may have given birth to this little girl, but she was never her mother. What she did and did not do involving the child's murder is no less heinous than what the men did. She knew what they had done and did nothing to prevent it. She attempted to hide it by deception lying to authorities about her injuries. She also waited hours before seeking medical attention for the child.

      Her actions show she did not want or love the child either. Her actions were not those of a loving parent. I wonder what the other family members not directly involved were thinking by not calling authorities either. Were they in fear for their lives? Was it some other factor that was stopping them?

      This woman deserves no fresh start or lenience and should at the very least have served her full sentence before being considered for parole. We can only hope that we will not ever have another child that could potentially be exposed to her idea of motherhood. This world can be a dark place at times. It's sad to turn on the news and see protesters whining about who is president, or women dressed as vaginas or wearing vagina hats marching and complaining about the price of tampons. Where are the marches for what happened to this baby and many others? That's right there are none. It's not trendy enough for a large group of women to protest child abuse and child murder. It goes against their pro choice pro abortion theme they have going on.

      What exactly do they teach in women's study courses? I think cases like these should be. I'm all for equal protections for females and I think they should start with the most vulnerable first. It will never happen though, not in today's me, myself and I selfie addicted society.

    • profile image

      Renee 21 months ago

      It is sad when i started to read this i started to cry. Its a shame i hope they all burn in HELL she was just a baby. If they wanted to get read of the child i would have taken her and given her sooo much LOVE. MAY SHE REST IN PEACE

    • ISASAASS profile image

      Amanda Seaton 22 months ago from Wisconsin

      I completely agree with you Lucia. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Lucia 22 months ago

      It saddens me to the core to have read such disgusting acts upon such a beautiful young soul. It even breaks my heart reading it, her family whom was suppose to love and protect her all at some point neglected her even thou she still haven't a voice and feet to run. May God hold you his arms baby girl.... God will see them justice as he is your refugee. Let them live their lives today on Earth and suffer eternal sufferings in the after life xox

    • profile image

      Manny 2 years ago


    • realtalk247 profile image

      realtalk247 2 years ago

      This story broke my heart. For doing this to a child all of them should be executed beginning with the mother.

      People do not have to give pregnant now a days and if you have a child there are adoption agencies where you can allow others to care for your baby and place them with someone that could love them.

      That poor baby. I can't imagine her existence and pain while not comprehending why people were doing this to her.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 2 years ago

      Indeed, it is quite sad.

    • ISASAASS profile image

      Amanda Seaton 2 years ago from Wisconsin

      It is sad that the mother will be released on parole in 2016 with the father likely to receive parole in 2025.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 2 years ago

      The mother belongs in jail---for the rest of her life. If she gets out, she will get pregnant again, and destroy yet anther child. This is a horrible case. At least some laws have been changed, but more must be done. May Brianna rest in peace.