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Rodrigo Duterte: The Filipino Drug Butcher

Updated on November 23, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is fighting organized crime and the Filipino people can relish the President’s resiliency and economic resources to aid in fighting organized crime. However, the heavily medicated President is keen to provide us with some useful clues into his mind. When one reporter asked Duterte why he is targeting the poor, he nonchalantly waved his hand and stated, “Because the rich do not use Shabu because they know it is made up of chemical components which will drive them to insanity.”

The heavily medicated Filipino President is no stranger to crystal meth. In fact, the Socratic argument suggests that only the poor can afford crystal meth, and the reason why is because they can’t survive without it as opposed to providing for their families by putting food on the table. Indeed the argument goes even further.

In America, the upper class and upper-middle class that are reasonably affluent have become strangers to drug addiction because they can’t afford crystal meth indirectly. It’s like saying in the 1980’s the suburban nouveau rich weren’t using crack and sustaining the Columbian drug cartel’s dominance in cocaine trafficking.

Duterte believes that poor Filipino drug users are expendable and in many ways an economically expandable resource vulnerable to exploitation because of their weakness. Therefore, Duterte decides to use his sponsored police and military assassins to determine bad dope as opposed to good dope that the rich adults and teenagers like to share with their peers as a confraternity towards their social hierarchy in the civilized world. That means the well-connected rich kids that set out lines and baggies of crystal meth are not looking to increase their revenue base ostentatiously to become a drug dealer with all the perks of the dealer’s social network.

Duterte’s conventional wisdom is to intensify military power to bear upon the intimate everyday life of a poor drug user as a cultural cleansing to elevate himself as a tough guy in the war against drug trafficking. The disease itself lends itself to a manic depressive leader that vociferously pronounced to the world that he was involved in gang rapes and murders. Despite this, he still claims to pray to the Virgin Mary to sanctify his own ego with a machine gun that voices his own distain for his own people that elected him. The heavily medicated Duterte doesn’t want to use less capital and resources that involve education and treatment. The reason why Duterte gave the Catholics and even his own God the forfeiture towards human decency is because he does not want to mimic the United States and Russia committing large resources to have the largest prison population in the world.

Duterte’s penal populism has its roots embedded in populist nationalistic governments and is indeed the consolidation of power towards a single leader. The singularity of this type of leadership engages on the social behavior that undermines the independent press and increases hostility towards immigrants along with a distain for economic globalism that blinds patriotism and destroys the will of a nation.

Duterte serenaded Trump by rejecting democracy for the Filipino people. He also displayed a folksy style and a tough guy image similar to Donald Trump. Duterte’s extrajudicial killings may run in the hundreds of thousands displaying his fatal flaw; that insurgency will rise and gather steam for a revolution that will cost millions of lives. Rodrigo Duterte is too stupid and confused to see it now.

In his most recent trip to Manila, Vladimir Putin stated, “I want to express my condolences in connection with the death of people in your country that happened as a result of the terrorist attack. I want to express hope that the conflict will be resolved as soon as possible with minimum losses.”

In Manila, Rodrigo Duterte also expressed his need for help from Russia in fighting its drug war and terrorist insurgency using Russian small arms, helicopters, and jets. Duterte’s son was also recently accused by the Senate of links in a seized shipment of $125 million worth of narcotics from China.

Abraham was tested by God to murder his own son, so he brought him to a mountaintop only to learn his lesson. The problem with Duterte is that he has failed to learn his lesson. He can not carry his own son to the mountaintop and ask for forgiveness upon the soul of his own son and Duterte’s murderous spree upon the poor dead souls he has sacrificed. God can only cry and allow this murderous man to pray to the Virgin Mary. It wasn’t Donald Trump who answered God’s call, it was Justin Trudeau who climbed the mountaintop and saw the Virgin Mary that made him voice his opinion to the treachery of what this weak and frail leader is to the world.

I'd like to thank Michael Ambrozevic for his contribution to this article.


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