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Justin Trudeau-The Worst Role Model Since Hitler.

Updated on April 7, 2017

I was shocked when I read a recent article about Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. The article said that Trudeau had been talking about a fight that he had, but the fight was not recent, it was actually a fight that he was involved in decades ago, when he was a boy in school. Trudeau said he was in a fight with an individual named Matthew Perry. So now, decades later, Trudeau is still basking in the warm afterglow of the fight. It is clear that Trudeau was trying to glorify the fight. Trudeau's actions are a disgrace.

By glorifying the fight, Trudeau stands in defiance of social workers, teachers, and psychologists all over Canada. Teachers all over Canada are trying to make it clear that bullies will not be tolerated in Canadian schools. Trudeau contradicts that by telling tales about how wonderful it was to get in a fight when he was a boy in school. It's obvious that Trudeau is trying to glorify the fight, since he's still talking about it decades after it happened. Trudeau's foolish actions will have a negative effect on young Canadians, and it will encourage boys all over Canada to start fights in school. Trudeau is certainly the worst role model that Canada has ever had.

Suppose a schoolteacher in Canada speaks out against Trudeau. Suppose the teacher says Trudeau is encouraging boys to fight in school, what happens then? Trudeau will probably try to silence the teacher. That's exactly what Hitler wanted to do. Hitler wanted to silence anyone who criticized him. Suppose a psychologist says that Trudeau is encouraging fighting, through his glorification of a schoolyard brawl. Naturally, Trudeau would try to silence that psychologist, just like Hitler tried to silence anyone who criticized Hitler. When Hitler took over the German government in 1933, he quickly created an organization that was called the Hitler Youth Organization. At first, joining it was voluntary, but in 1936, it became mandatory, and then all boys in Germany were required to join the Hitler Youth Organization. Hitler tried to corrupt the minds of these young boys, so that they would become loyal Nazi soldiers when they grew up. Trudeau is trying to corrupt the minds of young Canadians by telling them that they can all smoke marijuana when they grow up.

It was only a few day ago that I read a story that said Trudeau had announced that he wanted marijuana to be legalized in Canada. That is going to have a very negative effect on young people in Canada, since it means they have no real future. Their so-called 'future' is just a drug-induced haze, fueled by the marijuana that Trudeau is pushing down their throats. So, what happens if a police officer in Canada speaks out against Trudeau's plan to legalize marijuana? Trudeau would probably try to silence the police officer, which is exactly what Hitler tried to do. If anybody in Germany criticized Hitler, then Hitler had him silenced.

Trudeau calls himself a liberal, and he claims to be a member of the 'Liberal' party, but, tell me, what is 'liberal' about pushing marijuana? What is 'liberal' about encouraging boys to get into fights at school? Although Trudeau claims to be a liberal, his actions make him look like a far-right extremist, indeed, his actions make him look like a Nazi. Suppose people all over Canada want to have public hearings and public debates on the subject of marijuana legalization, will Trudeau allow it, or will he suppress the debates like a Nazi dictator? We can look at Trudeau's domestic policy and we can see he has alienated himself from the Canadian people by attempting to legalize marijuana, but how is Trudeau doing in terms of foreign policy?

One of the biggest problems in foreign affairs today is the problem of American military aggression. Americans are trying to conquer Russia, and one of their latest moves involves putting American missiles into Poland. If American missiles are based in Poland, it will be easy for those missiles to hit targets in Russia. If Hitler was alive today he would love it. Hitler always hated the Russians. So how does Trudeau feel about the Russians? It appears that Trudeau has not made any protest against American aggression towards Russia, so Trudeau's foreign policy has a Nazi-like character. Although Trudeau calls himself a liberal, he has not shown any liberal values in his foreign policy.

I can tell Canadians how they should deal with the marijuana problem in Canada. Instead of legalizing marijuana, they should impose harsher penalties for the use of marijuana. There is a lot of land in northern Canada, and that's plenty of land where they can build prisons. Canadians should build prisons on islands in the far north of Canada, and all the people who are found guilty of using marijuana should be sent there. They can just sit there in an arctic prison, for a few years, and figure it out.


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    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 9 months ago from Mid West

      I thing you have Trudeau confused with 'the orange one.'

    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 9 months ago from Mid West

      #1. I was not there for the fight, but I believe Matthew Perry from THE show Friends apologized for bullying Trudeau. Also, Trudeau must have been proud of himself because it was said that he was much younger than Perry. Also, I cannot see Trudeau, having been a Math and French teacher before being Prime Minister be for bullying in school.

      Also, many people with seizure disorders need medical Marijuana. How do you suggest they get the meds they need??