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Justin Welby: To Chair Peoples Assembly.

Updated on August 27, 2019

Archbishop Justin Welby.

Archbishop:  Justin Welby.
Archbishop: Justin Welby.

Should Christians be involved in politics? This question has dogged the Christian faith down the ages. Some in the church feel Christians should stay well out of politics and leave politics, to the politicians.

Others on the other hand feel, Christians should be at the heart of politics. You will find today, Christians on the right of politics and certainly, on the left.

Certainly, you could say Christ was political, whether it be his 'Sermon on the Mount' or when he said, "Pay what you pay to Caesar and pay what you pay to God".

You will find Christians involved in the environmental movement, for example, in the UK, with 'Christian Climate Action'. You will find Christians, in the struggle for freedom in Hong Kong, in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (supporting either side) in fact, in many political issues.

The Bible, also emphasises kindness and charity, to the poor and the oppressed. Christ's teachings always spoke about how God, will hold us accountable if we are not kind or considerate.

Political leaders, such as Donald Trump, have the backing of the Zionist, Israel supporting right-wing Christians in America. Whereas someone on the left, like, Jeremy Corbyn, has the support of Christians, with a socialist influence.

Both left and right argue that God is on their side, however, I am not here to judge them.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is no stranger to politics. He launched a campaign against payday loan companies, especially, 'Wonga'. Poor people were taking out loans, to pay off loans, and were getting themselves, deeper into debt. The campaign against Wonga, succeeded, forcing the company out of business. Justin Welby has addressed the Trades Union Congress, speaking out against the austerity and how it is hitting the poorest people in society.

Now over Brexit, it is rumoured, that Archbishop, Justin Welby, will chair a 'Peoples Assembly'. This assembly will be held at Coventry Cathedral, to speak about the UK staying in the EU or at least leaving, with a good deal.

Many Conservative Brexiteers have attacked the Archbishop for his pro-EU credentials, and, for charing this assembly. Former Welfare head, Iain Duncan Smith, for one, a prominent Breixteer, has said the Archbishop, should keep out of the Brexit debate. Mark Francois, of the Brexiteer group, the ERG (European Research Group) within the Parliamentary Conservative party, has also criticised the Archbishop.

However, Justin Welby has found support from a cross-party group of MPs, who support the UK staying (in the EU) or at least, leaving, with a trade deal. Fellow churchmen have also sprung up, in defence of Justin Welby.

A Whitehall report has said, that, if the UK has a no-deal Brexit, there will be a knock on effect. Maybe, as some Brexiteers believe, the report is pro-remainer, however, the report may have some very real points.

Food, medical supplies and other things the UK imports, could be delayed and disrupted. Businesses who do business with the European Union could be affected. Is this just scare-mongering or is the report, pointing out some very real consequences, of a no-deal Brexit?

Time will reveal, whether we leave with a deal in place, a no-deal with the EU or indeed, something unforeseen.

Critic of Justin Welby, Iain Duncan Smith.


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