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Juvenile Crimes

Updated on February 11, 2018

Juvenile Crime

Reasons for Juvenile Crime:

Certainly it is one important problem that we are faced with in today’s society. The experts say that these juveniles commit their crimes because of the surrounding atmosphere that they experienced as they were growing up. However, they also claim that they haven’t found the main reasons why some juveniles commit crimes. Peer pressure and poverty in an unstable home life along with constant exposure to violence drugs and alcohol are some main contributors to juvenile offences. Being abused and neglected are huge risk factors that will create a negative outlook in that persons mind never allowing them to think on the straight and narrow. Claims of a single parent home also have contributed to the delinquency of a minor. Claims have been made that mothers who drink alcohol or are taking drugs during their pregnancy are causing the baby to grow up with learning disabilities which could lead them to be juvenile criminals.

TV and Juveniles of Today

Surely you see the shows on television becoming more open minded showing more truth, gore, violence, real life. Nothing seems to be banned anymore and the children of today get to see this violence first hand through the media, movies, television series, etc… Heavy exposure to these resources has been linked to one of the causes of aggressive behavior which in turn affects children of all ages. Getting along with your teen may prove to be a difficult task of its own.

Guns and Juveniles

 Since guns are easy to obtain on the streets and crimes using guns are escalating. Possessing a firearm often plays a big part in the way that young person handles their actions in a situation where the juvenile may need money for drugs or in a confrontation with a rival. Little do they know that from that moment on is the rest of their life. Families are often torn apart with the increase of family violence leading to the biggest factor of juvenile crime.

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    • Phil Dapple profile image

      Phil Dapple 5 years ago from Ontario,Canada

      That's a pretty good take on the issue jose7polanco. In a teens world, peer pressure also would have alot to do with actions a young person may involve themselves in / with. Thanks for the comment.

    • jose7polanco profile image

      Jose Misael Polanco 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Teens are more exposed to a bad surrounding, the are also several times more likely to be deeper affected by it. Well also teenagers face emotional extremes making them more vulnerable to high risk behaviors.

      Also, studies and researches show that no teen refuses to practices any type of risky behavior, they all drive faster or do soem other deviances or risk action. Others might involve in drug and crime exploration.

      Looks like teens have the risky mind inside.