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KONY 2012 Internet Advocacy

Updated on March 7, 2012

To be upfront and clear this article isn’t about Joseph Kony and making him famous. He already is; KONY 2012 is this week’s viral sensation. If you don’t know who Joseph Kony, Invisible Children inc. and the LRA are the links above are the place to start. This article is a look at internet activism, band wagons and how that pertains to the KONY2012 movement.

A Little Background

Joseph Kony is the leader and founder of The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The LRA is made up of children who have been abducted, some times forced to kill their parents and then made to be child soldiers with do goal other than to protect Kony and cause harm and destruction.

Invisible Children is an organization that has spent the past nine years working to spread information and convince the U.S. government to step in and capture Kony. They have spent much of there time and efforts making films and visiting college campuses and spreading the news. In the fall of 2011 they spoke with congress and convinced them to send troops to aid the Ugandan government.

What is KONY2012?

In December of 2011 a child soldier escaped Kony and informed U.S. troops and the Ugandan army that Kony was aware of their attempt to capture him and had changed his tactics.

The reason 2012 is such an important year is that according to Invisible Children the U.S. government will only continue to help if there is pressure put on them by their people and even then U.S. aid will most likely not last much longer than a year. Kony 2012 is about spreading the word and convincing Congress to do all that they can during this election year to put aside partisan issues and stop Kony.

Second Guessing Invisible Children

With the KONY2012 campaign that Invisible Children launched has come others that disagree with the way that Invisible Children is going about things. Some examples are:

  • Using a cute kid to play on our emotions
  • A 2/4 rating on Accountability & Transparency by
  • Too much money towards videos
  • Support of the Ugandan army who has been known to murder, rape, and pillage
  • Children will be harmed if an army advances on Kony

In Support of Invisible Children

Invisible Children is clearly a dedicated and passionate group that have spent nearly a decade of their lives dedicated to saving helpless children who are in this horrible position simply because they were born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yes, their solution isn’t ideal and no matter what happens innocent children will be killed but at least they are trying to to SOMETHING which after 26 years of letting the most evil criminal on the planet, as defined by the UN, is more than anyone else has done.

The Attention Span of the Internet

The life span of a viral topic on the internet is shorter then the lifetimes of Pogs of Parachute Pants which is disheartening and frightening when it comes to the freedom and lives of over 30,000 children. Whether you support Invisible Children’s KONY2012 movement or you simply support catching KONY in the best way possible and don’t care for Invisible Children it doesn’t mean anything if this time next month you have forgotten about the issue and are busy complaining about the newest Rebecca Black or playing Angry Birds 2.0.

The world doesn’t move at 4G speeds and us on the internet forget that so easily. Kony wont be dead next week no mater how many clicks of mouse there are so my hope for this issue is that we wont forget and relegate it to our browser history, my hope is that however we wish to express our feelings about the LRA or whatever issue we see in the world around us that should be shared we wont forget about it faster than Apple can unveil new products.

Do you agree with Invisible Children's Support of the Ugandan Army?

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    • inevitablesecrets profile image

      inevitablesecrets 5 years ago from California

      Thanks Sarah, I'm glad you found it useful. It's a difficult issue and I'm glad people are talking about it.

    • SMD2012 profile image

      Sally Hayes 5 years ago

      Wow, a very thoughtful and well laid-out Hub. People need to read this. The 'Apple unveiling new products' zinger at the end was so true. Voted up, useful and shared. Good work - Sarah