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Kabul's Corrupt Security Force in Afghanistan

Updated on April 26, 2011

Afghanistan reminds me of a broken record on the turntable. You know, your listening to your fav song and at some point, it simply repeats and repeats and repeats until you nudge it.

The recurring sound bite there is corruption. It is at the top, with Karzai, with his brothers, with the police force, with the security force, with the army. It is their way of life. Their way of doing business, yet, like some wishful thinking on the US part, we continue to toss billions down the tube.

After the first US audit of Kabul's police force (why, after all these years, the FIRST audit?) sadly, there was more of the same. It is also funny. The report found that Afghanistan's Interior Ministry is so lax with record keeping it is impossible to determine how large the police force is and whether payroll is being administered properly. It gets worse. Public perception of the corruption within the government is so widespread and known that many are thinking that maybe the Taliban brand of justice IS better. This is NOT a good sign after $1.5 BILLION dollars have been donated to pay for police salaries. 

Let me repeat this: $1.5 billion.

The audit simply could not tell you just how many are in the Afghan National Police force because of such bad record-keeping and confusing databases. The records looked at were a mess, incomplete, unverified and unreconciled. The audit found that the payroll system was subject to "ghost" employees of non-existent  personnel in order to boost payroll and where supervisors could skim more money into their pockets.

As of today, the audit was not sure how many real policemen there were. There might be far less than 112,000 or maybe more than 125,000, but the target is to have 134,000 by October. 

I wonder if these include "ghost" employees? LOL.


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