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Kamikaze Theresa Ploughing On Regardless.

Updated on December 7, 2018
Smiling Theresa in happier days.
Smiling Theresa in happier days. | Source

Theresa May might as well be a Zero pilot from WWII flying her bomb-laden aircraft into some allied aircraft carrier. Just the like the brave but foolhardy Japanese pilots of the Japanese Imperial Airforce who knew their country was losing the war but flew their aircraft on a one-way suicide mission to crash their planes into allied ships (to stave off inevitable defeat) so it seems Mrs May is also on a suicide mission. She knows in her hearts of hearts she faces a massive defeat on Tuesday (over her Brexit deal) but like those Japanese pilots, she remains loyal to her deal to the end even though the writing is on the wall. Only in the Zero pilots case, it was loyalty to Emperor Hirohito. Weird analogy I grant you but the similarities are there.

Theresa May has been dispatching ministers to the four nations of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to win round critics of her deal. The DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) is the party that the Conservatives are supported by in government represent the area of the UK most likely to lose out if May's deal gets the thumbs up from MP's on Tuesday. Hence the DUP said it would continue to support the Conservatives in government but not over her Brexit deal. According to political analysts, Northern Ireland would be the country in the UK to be the most drastically affected by her deal should it miraculously get through. In that scenario, Northern Ireland would still be in the EU technically under EU rules something the rest of the UK would not. The DUP want the UK out of the EU period which is why for the above reason they cannot bring themselves to support Mrs May's Brexit deal. The so-called 'Backstop' the choice between a hard border or soft border between the Republic of Ireland (an EU member) and Northern Ireland is also a sticking point. Many in Northern Ireland who the DUP represents fear Mrs May's deal if voted through could take Northern Ireland out of the UK because of separate EU rules for Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. Also many fear if a hard border comes into play a return back to the dark days of the 'troubles' (as they were called) with a return to the violence of the IRA fighting it out with groups like the UDA a pro-British terrorist group. The fact that the devolved assembly of Northern Ireland at Stormont has not met because of differences between the DUP (who represent pro-British factions) and Sein Fein (political IRA if you will who represent factions who would like the British out of Northern Ireland and want a united Ireland) does not help. Many times these two sides have tried to patch things up but so far it has all been a waste of time.

The leader of the DUP Arlene Foster has said it is no good tinkering around with the deal by Mrs May as a sweetener to those who will vote down her deal on Tuesday because tinkering in her words "won't cut it".

The DUP is but one of many parties threatening to vote down Mrs May's deal on Tuesday 11 December. A large part of her own party will stab her in the back on Tuesday and she can expect no sucker from Labour, Lib Dems, Greens or the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP).

Theresa May, her Premiership and her entire government are looking decidedly shaky in the run-up to this momentous vote on Tuesday. In previous sittings of the Commons, she has lost 3 votes and has been held in contempt of Parliament by MP's on all sides for failing to disclose information. Being in contempt of parliament is like being held in contempt of court the same rules apply. Mrs May with help from her attorney general was forced to disclose said information to parliament. Mrs May's government (if it can be called a government at all) is weak and right now is being told what to do it would seem by parliament itself. Parliament so to speak is becoming the power right now in the vacuum of strong leadership not coming from the government.

Remainers and Leavers once bitter enemies have been united both in parliament and in the country at large over her compromise deal. Her deal as she has admitted herself is a compromise to make Remainers and Leavers (otherwise known as 'Brexiteers') to make both sides happy. But if anything, as described above the opposite, has happened. Jeremy Corbyn and others have said what has the government been doing for two years when negotiating Brexit with Brussels. Mr Corbyn made it plain that had the government come to him after the vote was won in 2016 he would have worked with the Conservatives and other parties to build a consensus plan. A plan that once formalised between the political parties would have been accepted by all including the EU. But no Theresa was having none of it. It was a deal to appease those in the Tory party (another word for the Conservatives) on the Remainer and Leave side. Another reason why Labour and other opposition parties will vote her deal down on Tuesday. It is reckoned by Sky News her deal is 90 MP's short of taking it across the finishing line.

There are speculations doing the rounds both in the public arena and the media what happens next if Mrs May's deal is voted down. Also, many MP's on her own side would like the deal delayed to spend more time winning over opponents of her deal.

But no going back to the kamikaze scenario Theresa May is jumping into the cockpit of her Brexit Zero and flying into history. Flying into the face of enemies she cannot possibly prevail over on Tuesday with her Brexit plan.

Theresa May's Supply and Confidence Coalition Partner: Arlene Foster.

DUP leader:  Arlene Foster.
DUP leader: Arlene Foster. | Source


1) Born 3 July 1970.

2) Approximately 48 years old.

3) Head of DUP and Member of the Northern Irish Assembly.

4) From Enniskillen.

4) Has 3 children.

5) Elected leader of the DUP in 2015.

6) Represents Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

7) Was elected in 2003.

8) Married.

9) DUP her party founded in 1971 during the 'troubles'.

10) Her party was led by firebrand preacher Rev. Ian Paisley for 30 years.


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