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Katrina Halili: The promiscuous and "HOLY VIRGIN"

Updated on October 16, 2010

Lies, lies, and more lies...

I can't fathom how Miss Katrina Halili can further lie...

She has already gotten her supposed justice by getting Dr. Hayden Kho's license revoked but she still wants the court to have some legal action.

I can't blame her, but she really isn't that "wise or knowledgeable" over these matters and this is clearly driven by people in politics.

Too many aspirants for 2010 elections...

Who's my Father?

Abortion, YES!!!

I am not sure what month it was but I guess it was around August when I heard of a celebrity patient using a "Chinese alias." The supposed "HOLY VIRGIN" was rushed at the emergency room because of abnormal uterine bleeding. On further inquiry, patient underwent an abortion in a Hotel in Manila, however the bleeding wasn't controlled, so they were forced to abort the unholy procedure and she was rushed at a hospital in Manila.

Promise, I am not a liar!


What's the purpose of this post?

Earlier today, Ms. Halili denied the reports that she underwent abortion.

Women are uphelding her brave efforts. She epitomizes every Gabriella at heart.

But now who committed the greater sin?

The one who did a video of their promiscuous sin or......

The one who killed an unborn child?

Hmmmmm, am I the father?


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    • genesismd profile image

      genesismd 6 years ago from metro manila

      hayden deserves it!

      if this is true, then katrina even deserves more!