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Keep your kids away from me

Updated on September 8, 2014

Children are NOT everything

For years now, all I ever hear about is how all the focus must be placed on the next generation. I'm talking about this over the top specialized attention on children to the point where adults have become completely secondary. Whether it's safety, education, psychology, you name it, it has to start and end with children. It comes across as if up until a couple decades ago, we just outright neglected children and have to start making up for it. There's a point where anything is overkill, patronization, or coddling, and is therefore unnecessary and potentially damaging. Kids should be factored into things as appropriate just as adults are. Sure, there are certain extra aspects that go into infant development and child behavior that could will warrant additional scrutiny, but that is in no way an excuse to have a child obsession as a society, The bigger issue is not so much on the macro scale, yet with the individual parents that take the "children are everything" motto to new levels.

Stop the screaming, please

Plenty of parents demonstrate that their children are exempt from showing the same decorum we all value from other adults. I am even willing to cut a small amount of slack, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Let's talk about something common like the screaming. That constant, earsplitting, pointless screaming. Since when is it acceptable to scream at the top of your lungs if you are a child playing outside? Isn't full blown screaming a clear sign of distress, and if not then how else are others supposed to know if something really is wrong? My experiences have seen a clear pattern of unabashed screaming accompanied with little to no correction. Doesn't anyone care about peace and quiet and not want to create a public disturbance for neighbors and people in general? I can't imagine anyone preferring the screaming, so why are the parents so afraid to tell their kids to shut up? If an adult did any of this, people would hate it and not find it tolerable, so being a kid shouldn't give you a free pass.

It's annoying, not cute

Then you have those adults that are not only ok with the annoying behavior of these children, but some even think it's cute. Screaming, running around, or breaking something is not cute by any stretch of the imagination. If you want to, in the privacy of your own home, let your kid run around and knock things over while shouting at maximum volume, go ahead, what do I care? You can think it's cute all you want to and it will have no direct impact on the rest of society. But outside and in other public places, it's not remotely acceptable for your child to run around or bump into me at some store while you find yourself either paralyzed with fondness or stupidity. Then if I am visibly dismayed by your kid, I bet I'm the bad guy. It's like they get 99% slack just because I'm an adult and both you and the child get absolved of 99% responsibility at the same time. Is it a problem to understand that not everyone sees your offspring as the bundle of joy that you do? Would it kill you to just tell your kid knock it off and calm down to be respectful of others?

Nothing special

There are also those parents that feel their procreation is just so important, not only to them, but to everyone. They are so deluded that they think you actually want to hear about their children. I'm not talking about relatives, this is more about the secondary people you have a conversation with for more than a minute or so. They find some way to just slip in the fact that they did something extremely common and had kids, yet they act like it takes a hidden talent. Then they present tidbits about their kids as if you care in the slightest. And the stories are usually sensationalized accounts of the child being precocious to some extent or another. I'm always far more impressed on the rare occasion that I see a kid that has enough self control to not really impact me. In short, almost every single time, I'm sure not one parent would consider their kid to be anything other than special if asked. Even privately, by far more would think their child is truly special, at least for a while. But this is blind optimism coupled with naivety as every kid can't be special. There are winners and losers in every group. I know there actually are some parents that do claim to like kids in general But just to be safe, unless asked, for the benefit of everyone, please just keep your kids to yourself.

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