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Khan Rides High!

Updated on August 31, 2018
London Mayor:  Sadiq Khan.
London Mayor: Sadiq Khan. | Source

Sadiq Khan current Mayor of our capital city is like Trump, either a man you love or hate. He is the first Muslim Mayor of London and will be in office until 2020 which should also be a general election.

Coming from humble beginnings of Pakistani ancestry he has served as both a minister in opposition and was elected Labour Mayor in 2016. Anti-Khan websites, individuals and groups have pointed to the fact (allegedly) that crime has risen on his watch. Apparently, according to one website, there have been 81 murders in this year alone! The site goes on to say that people do not feel safe on London's streets any more.

Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan since they were both elected to high office in 2016 have been at war. A Twitter spat has commenced where both combatants lambast each other on policies.

When Donald Trump briefly visited the UK a little while ago a giant Trump blimp was put up over Westminister by anti-Trumpers. Khan when asked about the decision to fly the Trump blimp (dressed as a baby) merely said it was freedom of speech and choice. Khan must have chuckled to himself though that his arch-nemesis would be flying in balloon form over London.

At the time of the blimp taking to the air, many UK pro-Trumpers threatened to hit back. Threatening to fly a 29 ft long Sadiq Khan blimp dressed in a yellow bikini. The Khan blimp has been crowdfunded by 3,400 Khan haters and will now be airborne over Westminister tomorrow. The campaign against Khan personified in the Khan blimp is led by Yanny Bruere who describes himself as a 'free thinker'. He has threatened to oust Khan from office in any way he can.

It would appear at the time of the Trump blimp, Donald John Trump (to give him his full name) wasn't phased by the stunt, at least not in public. Similarly, it seems Khan doesn't seem that perturbed of him taking to the air either. In a statement, he has said if people want to look at him in a yellow bikini fair enough. Adding that yellow really isn't his colour anyway. Again like Trump, how Khan feels about this in private is another matter.

It seems abundantly clear that despite political correctness controlling what we say or do, freedom to express opposition to someone in power is still alive and well. In the fact that both Trump and Khan can be belittled in the form of cartoon blimps.

Sadiq Khan: Wants Geroge Clooney To Play Him In A Movie!

Khan lookalike (so some say) George Cloooney.
Khan lookalike (so some say) George Cloooney. | Source

Khan Bio.

Sadiq Aman Khan.

Mayor of London since 2016.

Married Saadiya Khan in 1994.

Served as an Opposition Minister for Labour.

Two children: Anisha Khan and Amanah Khan.


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