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Khavaran Cemetery

Updated on August 26, 2009

Khavaran Cemetery

Hidden Massacre
Hidden Massacre

Declaration of the families of those killed in the '80s  Let us hold the remembrance ceremony for those murdered in 30 years of killings by the Islamic regime, at Khavaran Cemetery. Thirty-one years have passed since our revolution was stolen......By:Revolutionary Road

Founded in 1965, the People's Mujahedin of IranI was originally devoted to armed struggle against the Shah of Iran, capitalism, and Western imperialism.[1] The group claims to have renounced violence in 2001[2] and today it is the main organization in the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an "umbrella coalition" claiming the role of a parliament-in-exile dedicated to a democratic, secular and coalition government in Iran. The group has had thousands of its members for many years in bases in Iraq, but according to the British Broadcasting Corporation "they were disarmed in the wake of the US-led invasion and are said to have adhered to a ceasefire."[3]

When does death count.

The People's Mujahedin of Iran armed wing is, or was, called the National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA). The Iranian government officially refers to the organization as the, "Hypocrites", maintaining that PMOI is not truly Islamic.

The United States,Canada, Iraq, and Iran had designated the PMOI a terrorist organization. On January 26, 2009, the Council of the European Union agreed to remove the PMOI from the EU terror list. The group said it was the outcome of a “seven-year-long legal and political battle”.The PMOI and the NCRI claim to have provided the United States intelligence on Iran's nuclear program in 2002, and 2008.

In 1988 thousands Iranian political prisoners were systematicly executed across Iran by the government of Iran, starting on 19 July 1988 and lasting about five months. The main targets were the members of the People's Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI), although a lesser number of political prisoners from other leftist groups were also included. The killings have been called an act of violence unprecedented in Iranian history. Estimates vary from 8,000 to 30,000 people were killed.

Great care was taken to keep the killings secret, and the government of Iran denies their having taken place, but with the large scale of the operation word leaked out from survivors. Explanations offered for why the prisoners were killed vary. Perhaps the most common is that it was in retaliation for the 1988 attack on the western borders of Iran by the PMOI Mujaheddin, although this happened after the executions had begun and does not explain the executions of members of other leftists groups who opposed the Mujaheddin invasion. The Western world has taken little note of the tragedy

The Israelis hold 5000 to 10000 Palestinian prisoners, What if they decided to mass execute them and dump their bodies in unknown graves. Do you suppose there would be an international outcry? It would seem that Iranian blood and the pain of Iranian mothers and children does not count for much among progressive peace activist..

Let us at least take note of man's inhumanity to man Let us at least remember their burial ground and protest the attempt of the Iranian Government to hide its existance from the world.The Iranian must people must determine their own future but they at least have a right to know their own past.


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