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Kickin' it Old School

Updated on December 17, 2009

 Yeah.  From the days of MC Hammer and The Beastie Boys, I'm bringing back another classic hit.  The bicycle?  Yes.  Because when those songs came out, I would record them on my cassette recorder and jam to them on my Walkman as a rode my bike to my friend Mike's house 2 miles away wearing my acid wash denim shorts.  I am re-living some of this as I have recently started biking more. Why? Because I'm 30 and getting a gut, but also to save on gas.  I figured out that if I bike to my office (10 blocks away) every day instead of driving my car, I will save $2,400 per year!  That is incredible if you think about it.  A small change like this can alter your budget that much making you not only environmentally conscious, but also smart.  What am I doing with the extra money? Saving up for a family vacation.  What are you going to do with yours?


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