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Julius Malema Wants to Kill White People

Updated on November 25, 2012

Julius Malema


Is it Right to Sing "Kill the Boer?"

If blacks can deride whites by singing songs referencing killing the boers, why can whites not call blacks any number of derogatory names in public? The angry vitriol spewed constantly by the likes of Julius Malema and his followers enthusiastically begs the question.

In his most recent attack on whites, while making an appearance at Aurora mine, Malema lambasted them for the hardship currently suffered by unpaid black mineworkers as those workers merrily sang a song "Dubul’ ibhunu", the relevant words of which translate into “Kill the Boer” or "Kill the white person"! Then, in a familiar display of his numbing intellectual limitations and solidarity with his supporters du jour, he also ventured that blacks were better off in apartheid years and that he would lead a revolution to make all mines in the country ungovernable. Those of you familiar with South African politics will know that the African National Congress Youth League, of which Malema is an expelled, former leader, has recently learned a new word that it uses more frequently than its cognitive ability. Ungovernable.

In some exciting manner that educated people cannot understand, this excitable, rotund, fraud-accused youth has apparently arrived at the conclusion that destroying the economy of a country will somehow bring an improved lifestyle to its workers. There is a certain comedic elegance in the immature, mental simplicity of the man!

His militant commentary contains the fantastic contention that, while blacks were victims of the system of apartheid, they are even more victimized after that disagreeable system's demise - by their fellow blacks. There is a wide range of views on this topic and it contains an element of truth for many that is quite unpalatable and not to be admitted in public.

Aurora Mine's Role

Malema himself admits that the Aurora mine is owned by blacks and yet, he still manages to blame whites for the immediate circumstances in which unpaid workers find themselves. This startling proposition indicates the shallowness of his rhetoric - this dimwit does not bother to put together a cohesive argument, so low is his opinion of the logical capacity of the very people whose support he seeks. In point of fact, the mine is owned by Khulubuse Zuma, nephew of South Africa’s current president, and Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Zondwa. For the moment, we will all pretend that the connection to politically relevant figures in this banana republic is purely coincidental.

It is Julius Malema, more than any other South African, who shows no respect for his countrymen. He treats whites with utter contempt (except for white clothing designers, car manufacturers and lawyers) and conveniently blames white people for all South Africa's ills (even those that are clearly not attributable to apartheid policies). In the same breath, he treats black workers like mentally challenged children, expecting them to unquestioningly support his blame game, even in those circumstances where he manipulatively lays blame at the wrong door.

Encouraging singing of the "Kill the Boer" theme tune at his supporters' rallies, whether by leading the singing (which he is currently prevented from doing by court order) or by humming along quietly in enjoyment, is divisive, and deliberately so. His political strategy is one aimed at dividing the ruling African National Congress – the aforegoing reference to a ruling party, as opposed to a governing party, is quite deliberate given their relative failure in governance.

Any argument in favour of retaining the song for historical reasons is all good and well, but this then means that all offensive references can be retained and used publicly by virtue of their historical relevance.

Quite apart from the lack of merit that this argument holds, it encourages hatred by feeding off the righteous underlying anger of exploited workers and redirecting it at whatever target most suits the political ambition of those who have nothing else of substance to offer. It inflames black wounds that are buried beneath their common sense and shared humanity, while encouraging white people to continue using derogatory terms. Neither party deserves any better than their current lot while they engage in this behaviour.

For those who argue that historically significant songs or terms should be retained because of the contribution that they made then, or still make now, remember that you cannot choose history and retain only the bits that suit you.

Either we no longer use historical significance as the basis for the survival of offensive terms and songs, or we accept that all terms live or die by the principle.


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    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago


      I would prefer to be black in a confrontation with a black person!

    • grumpiornot profile image

      grumpiornot 5 years ago from South Africa

      It's an interesting issue and politics in South Africa lets us live out the harsh realities in real time. Genuine, lunatic, dictator wannabees, replete with AMG Mercs, Breitling watches and drinking Johnny Walker Blue Label like it's water.

      Quite astonishing for the ordinary person to watch, but very sad to realize that almost an entire population subscribes to the madness!

      After the abject balls-up that is Zimbabwe and their nutcase ruler, one would have thought that the people of southern Africa would have learnt their lesson. But, much like a child will persist in touching the hot stove despite warnings not to do so, the locals will drive themselves backwards in time.

      All power to them... muppets.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

      What an idiot. Thank you for this alarming but wonderfully made expose. Well done!

      These people are so dumb they apparently do not know that if not for the whites who civilized the place they live they would still be living in the Stone Age.