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Updated on May 7, 2015


In Kenya,rains are always a sign of blessings to many especially during the planting season.The opposite is also true

However,this season,that wasn't the case in Narok town and its environs.The waters turned wild and became a big calamity,an object of destruction of lives and property

It left the town in mourning and displacing thousands of residents.The floods claimed the lives of more than twenty people

The news became more interesting when i read on the newspapers about the sprout and history of Narok town

Narok town is an ancient town started as a result of invasion by the white settlers-the british people

It is homeland to the well known nomads and pastoralist community,the maasai

The maasai chiefs allocated the depression-like land for the whites with an ill-motive.With an intention that the whites would be swept away by floods and would be easier for them to stage and execute an anti-whites attack or raid

Later,the whites left.The town grew bigger as a result of businesses and investments.It became a blackperson's business hub and a serene residential area

The maasai elders did not foresee that such a calamity would dawn on their own race .The europeans left the bait untouched.The trap has killed the hunter plus his descendants


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