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Killing Millions to Make Millions

Updated on May 27, 2012

...and they died for the greed of those who want to earn millions

The above picture was taken from Cagayan De Oro, the night that there has been a flash flood in the area. It has been said by reporters and investigators that the rain fall and the water level was not expected to reach this particular point of devastating results had there been the original established number of trees that used to support the area's need for natural water reservoir. Due to illegal logging, lumber from the higher grounds were carried down to the lower locations in Cagayan de Oro by the flash flow of water from the heavy rain fall. From this point, the lumbers were directed towards the residential areas, killing hundreds of people and living thousands of families homeless for several months.

People from all around the Philippines and even from all around the globe started piling up extra clothes, pillows, blankets, and other items that the victims themselves might need. Help came pouring in, both material and moral support made it easier yet not completely successful for the affected individuals to survive the challenges of facing their lives forward. The devastation that the victims felt was seen through news reports and have been repeatedly noted in documentaries for several months. The depression among the victims was almost endless.

Later on, the news itself faded and the situation of those who survived from the situation gradually became obsolete as new incoming reports filled media operations both in the country and abroad. But what of the people? Have they been completely redeemed from the desolate condition that they have been through? Have they been completely given the chance to stand up and move ahead? Were the causes of the tragedy they had to go through been given ample attention so as to make sure that they're situation would not be repeated towards others again?

Somehow, in this money-driven world, the course of development is often noted to be related to exploiting natural resources carelessly; a matter that indicates a course of change and transformation that subjects the environment to extreme suffering. Not only that, humans too suffer from such situations.

As they say, industrialization cannot be stopped, but can it somehow be controlled for the sake of human survival?

Could not greed be set aside for a while just so to be able to let the environment breathe again and be capable of sustaining life accordingly?

Are there no other courses of development available instead of simply exploiting our natural resources and putting the lives of humans in danger?

These questions will remain in the hearts and minds of those who are concerned about the environment and the future that it has especially in relation to the kind of sustenance it is able to provide for future human generations.

How do you think should progress be viewed by the human society?

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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Another example of capital greed over human beings' welfare. People should be in control of their futures not governments.